Alumna Joven driven to make music

Izzy “Joven” Young performing. Photo courtesy: Young

Izzy Joven, a Florida A&M University graduate, is a rising R&B rap artist. Joven’s music aims to spread true love, positivity and mindfulness.

Joven was born in Philadelphia. When she was 12, she moved to Jacksonville. Throughout her childhood, she was surrounded by music.

Joven used to try to pick up drumsticks and learn how to play when she was younger. Because the majority of her family was in a choir or a band, it was natural for Joven to connect with music and her musical abilities.

“I didn’t realize music made me happy until I did it,” Joven said.

Making music for Joven awakens her inner child and brings her happiness. For Joven, making music is both enjoyable and challenging. Although Joven listens to a variety of artists, Drake is the one who truly inspires her music.

It is critical for Joven to incorporate her personal experiences into her music.

“I made a vow that I would never rap about things I haven’t been through,” Joven said.

Speaking her truth is essential to the music making process. Joven enjoys the process of creating music.

“It’s interesting to put my thoughts into a song and to make my thoughts make sense to other people,” Joven said.

As much as Joven enjoys making music, she, like any other artist, struggles with overthinking how good her craft is. Joven is both her harshest critic and her fiercest supporter.

Joven is striking a balance between creating better music and being satisfied with the music she produces.

Everyone around Joven supports her craft and passion for music. Her music moves people, particularly those close to her.

Breyonna Bryant, a fourth-year broadcast journalism student and close friend of Joven, is inspired not only by her music but also by her ambitious spirit.

“She’s one of the most driven individuals I’ve ever known,” Bryant said. “Izzy has never and will never go for anything less than, she has some of the highest standards when it comes to life and its many situations and this inspires me to do just the same.”

The stories in Joven’s music allow listeners to connect with her. Jaelyn Wilkins, a third-year criminal justice student, is another close friend who can relate strongly to Joven’s music.

“Izzy’s music connects with me on an intense level because she relates her music by storytelling,” Wilkins said.

Joven aspires to have a successful music career and to be an independent artist. Her new single, “Time Piece,” is now available on all streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.