Her braiding business covers her FAMU tuition

FAMU student and business owner Breshayla Rim.
Photo courtesy: Rim

Breshayla Rim, a fourth-year criminal justice student at Florida A&M, finds herself in a unique position where being a college student and a business owner sometimes clash.

Starting at an early age Rim was fascinated with hairstyles. Rim went to school and saw other kids with nice hairstyles which took a toll on her because her family wasn’t fortunate enough to have the extra funds for a hairstylist to slay hair.

Rim did not take that to heart,0 though. She decided to dedicate her free time to learning how to become a hair braider. As time progressed, she took beauty classes to learn how to become not only a hair braider but to become one of the best ones at it.

Rim practiced braiding hair on headless mannequins and soon braiding hair on her closest friends as practicing played a significant role.

While practicing braiding hair on close friends to get the hang of it, Rim eventually got licensed and certified as she started her own braiding business, BBA, or Braids Beauties Adore.

Rim said the name for her business came down to the simplest way possible.

“Braiding is the passion I have that brings out the beauty in others that people will adore when looking at the hairstyle,” she said.

With her business flowing Rim advertises her brands through social media platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram. She has her booking system at styleseat.com with her name and some visual work she has previously done and uploaded.

She also makes printable flyers to place all over campus.

College tuition fees can be a huge burden on students but for Rim, her braiding business is how she pays for college classes. Making time for classes and braiding has Rim running in every direction.

The amount of college tuition fees can be high, but Rim took it upon herself to prioritize getting a college degree with the help of being an entrepreneur business owner. While Braids Beauties Adore is paying for college courses, one of Rim’s close good friends, Laurel Rhynes, applauds Rim for an amazing hairstyle she gave her ub a prompt manner.

Rhynes is a criminal justice major who gets her hair done by Rim.

“The only hairstylist I will want to go to for braids is Rim. She makes the customer feel right at home as she takes care of my hair,” Rhynes said.

“I do see the commitment of how many hours she spends perfecting her craft so she can continue going to school.”

This shows the importance of entrepreneurship while also being a student.

However, friendly faces are not the only ones who pour money into Rim’s business. Diamond Gillum is a customer who constantly gets her hair done only by Rim.

“I understand Bre uses her money from the business to pay for college and she’s great at what she does, so I only come to her to get my head done by the best,” Gillum said.

“We are all not rich and college is expensive, I don’t think nobody can match Breshayla’s passion for hair-braiding. It’s a grind to get an education and she got grit.”