With SJGC advisors absent, many questions are present

Photo courtesy: Adobe Stock

Navigating through college is stressful enough, but doing it without appropriate guidance makes the college experience certainly less pleasant.

Currently, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University’s School of Journalism & Graphic Communication, is without academic advisors to assist students. Earlier in the semester all academic advisors decided to collectively relinquish their duties of helping guide students through their academic journey, leaving many uncertain of their path.

Although some students have been able to adjust just fine to the drastic change, they cannot help but feel sorrow for other less fortunate students.

“Not having a SJGC advisor doesn’t directly affect me, but I do sympathize with incoming freshmen and transfer students,” said Asya Griffin, a fourth-year public relations student. “I know it is difficult for them to enroll in their courses or even know what to take next semester.”

Many SJGC required courses have limited availability which forces students to compete with one another just to register for a seat in the classes they need for graduation.

With this many essential faculty members all leaving without notice to their student audience, students feel as if it’s FAMU’s responsibility to adequately address and mediate the issue.

“Although our education is based upon our drive and our needs, it is still imperative to have that guidance and support when needed,” said Maeve Francois, a graduating senior of SJGC.

Despite this issue affecting a large student body this is not the first time that students felt as if their needs were not being met by the advisors. Many times in the past students have felt that the advisors were not fully fulfilling their duties.

“Specifically for J-school and my four years, it hasn’t been the best,” stated Teirra Tysinger, a senior graphic design student. “Oftentimes I feel I was better off advising myself.”

As of November, well into the spring class registration period, there are still no academic advisors at SJGC.