FAMU police chief, others support gun ban on campus

Archie Albritton at an SBI event.
Photo courtesy: Albritton

Once you are over the age of 21 in Florida, it is legal for you to carry a firearm on you in
public if you have a concealed weapon permit.

But even with a concealed weapon permit, there are still some places where it is illegal
to bring a firearm, such as the courthouse, any detention facility or on school property.
That applies to everyone except for law enforcement.

Most universities tend to have campus police, security and cameras to ensure the
safety of the surrounding areas and the people on campus.

Terrence Calloway, 54, chief of FAMU’s police department, says he doesn’t feel anyone
should have a firearm on campus unless they are a sworn law enforcement officer.

“I have heard the comments about a shooter coming on campus and people not being
able to defend themselves,” Calloway said. “However, if a non-sworn person engages in
gun fire with a suspect, upon arrival of the police we don’t know who the good from the
bad person is. We are only reacting to a person with a gun and that could end bad.

“I am all for people exercising their Second Amendment right, but carrying a weapon on
campus is not a good idea, this is just my opinion,” he added.

Education Week has reported that the United States has had 35 school shootings in
2022 through the end of October that have resulted in injuries or deaths.

Archie Albritton, 25, a senior majoring in business administration at FAMU ,says he
received his concealed weapon permit in May of 2018.

“I feel like the law is put into place for our safety due to situations where a student may
act out of emotion instead of logic,” Albritton said. “I agree with the law but in many
cases, we would feel protected if we were allowed to have our weapon with our permit.”

There are 16 states that prohibit concealed carry on a college campus.
Jeremiah Davis, 21, a FSU student majoring in social science, says he agrees with the

“I just got my permits not too long ago and I understand the importance of this law,”
Davis said. “If that law wasn’t in place I feel as if the rate of school shootings would
increase. I’m certain that my school has a protocol if something were to happen of that
nature and that they would do their best to keep us safe so it’s not really necessary for
people to bring a weapon on campus.”

To learn more about Florida gun laws visit www.fdle.state.fl.us