The search for a FAMU love story

Photo from @famuvintage on Instagram

Every other day we learn on social media about a new FAMU couple getting engaged or married. The photo caption is a beautiful tale of the couple’s FAMU love story, and the comments are flooded with congratulatory sentiments.

Although many students are excited to see peers and alums fall in love, many also feel pressured to find their FAMU love story before leaving the university.

Cydney Offord, a fourth-year elementary education major from Atlanta, says that social media has heavily influenced the pressure students feel to find their FAMU love story.

“I think because of what we see on social media, we put ourselves in those shoes to want to fulfill what we see,” Offord said. “So if we see someone get engaged, which we see every other day, we wish that was us.”

Upon entering FAMU, many students had an idea about finding their prince or princess – but were left unsatisfied.

Victoria Ospin, a fourth-year health science student from Miami, said that dating on FAMU’s campus is far more complex than she ever expected.

“I feel like the dating scene is non-existent. Before I came to college, I expected couples to have picnics on the quad, but it was the complete opposite once I stepped foot on my HBCU campus.” Ospin said. “Nowadays it’s almost a crime to be caught in a relationship or to claim that someone is ‘yours.’ I do not understand the logic behind this dating scene, but we need to do better.”

While many people crave finding their true love at FAMU, many feel it was easier for previous generations.

Markiel Ross, a fourth-year business administration student, says that phones have caused a disconnect between his peers, making dating harder.

“I feel that without phones, it forces you to be more social and communicate. So, it brought many people together back in the day without all the distractions,” Ross said.

Although finding love on campus is difficult, it is not impossible, and many students remain hopeful that their time on “the hill” will have a happy ending.

“I’m on the opposite side of the majority regarding relationships in college. I want to find someone in college, but I haven’t found someone yet,” Ospin said. “I strongly believe everything happens for a reason, so even if I don’t find my partner in college, I know exactly what I’m looking for once I graduate.”