Tamerah Williams eager to inspire the next generation of college students

FAMU student Tamerah Williams. Photo courtesy Williams

When passion meets purpose, anything is possible. From a young age, Tamerah Williams, a junior elementary education major from West Palm Beach, has known that teaching and encouraging the future generations was her “why.”

Williams works tirelessly to be the person she wishes she had growing up for others. Understanding that her young age provides her with a unique perspective to offer, she aims to influence students in the best way. She credits her faith for her ability to persevere.

“Since I was younger, I have wanted to become an educator. After working with students during my senior year, I learned this is what I’m purposed to do and every day I get confirmation that this is for me. Even though I’m not much older than them, I want them to know that I am there for them and can get them to where they want to be,” Williams said. “There have been many times I have had worries teachers don’t make enough money.  However, when you are meant to do something, I have learned God will always provide.”

After confirming her purpose in life, Williams was determined to put it into action. She was immediately inspired to create an organization she named Teach Beyond Wonders.

“Teach Beyond Wonders is my platform to connect with students, work with them, and give back. I want to help with resume building, sculpting an essay, helping with applications, and learning how to be a leader. Leadership and service are very important to me,” Williams said, ” I want to encourage them to serve others and get involved on campus, not because they have to but because they want to.”

Over the summer, Williams hosted a school supply drive and sponsored low-income students at Florida A&M University Developmental Research School. From collecting supplies and monetary donations, Teach Beyond Wonders gave 25 students the necessities to start the new year.

“I was able to fill and donate backpacks with everything from binders, folders, pencils, crayons, index cards, and everything you could think of,” Williams said. “I wanted to make sure every student had exactly what they needed for the school year. I catered each backpack to different grade levels and raised enough money to give 6 teachers baskets of items they might need such as Expo markers and disinfectant wipes.”

Outside of Teach Beyond Wonders, Williams is committed to being a top student and servant leader. Along with maintaining a high-grade point average, Williams holds active membership in various organizations on campus such as Jewels Incorporated and Phi Delta Kappa. Additionally, she serves as a Presidential Ambassador, Access Summer Bridge Peer Mentor, and teacher’s assistant.

Taylor Parker, a first-year biology pre-med student, participated in the ASB program and was selected as Williams’ mentee.

“Tamerah has influenced me greatly. Being around her, I see she is very goal driven, anything she wants she gets by any means necessary. She’s a great example and person I look up to,” Parker said. “What she wants to do shows, not only is she there to teach and guide me, but she also holds me accountable and is honest.”

In addition to helping students through her on-campus job, Williams is eager to return home for the holiday break and gather a group of graduating high school seniors to help them apply to college. These efforts go hand in hand with Williams’ ultimate career goal of becoming an educational consultant.

“I want to assist students discover colleges, not just FAMU but any school. Though it’s late, I want to be the one to reassure them they can still apply and get in,” Williams said. “I can’t wait to help them further their education.”

Regardless of her busy schedule, Williams remains motivated and fully dedicated to all that she does and aspires to do.

“I have the busiest schedule between school, my job, my students, and clubs but seeing the product of my hard work is my biggest motivation to keep going,” Williams said. “I try to keep in mind that small things lead to bigger things, my own progression has been my biggest motivation.”

Williams’ ability to juggle her busy schedule and still be on top of it all is what Ashli Price, a fourth-year elementary education major from Tallahassee, admires the most about her friend.

“Tamerah is Ms. Get It Done, I don’t know anyone else who has so much going on and always gets it done like her. She is hardworking, fun, and driven,” Price said. “Her passion and fire is so clear, we often talk about what she wants to do. She is so genuine in all that she does, devoted to being hands-on and helping others first.”

Williams has big plans to officially re-launch and kick off Teach Beyond Wonders this January and encourages others to follow her Instagram page @teachbeyondwonders for updates.