Nasice stands out from the crowd

FAMU student Christine Nasice in front of the Black Archives. Photo courtesy: @lilhaitianchris on Instagram

As a young adult with a knack for different interests, it can be hard to embrace your potential and show yourself to the world, but this student does not limit herself.

Christine Nasice, a 22-year-old grad student from Palm Beach County, uses multiple outlets to express herself. Through fashion and food, she has developed a style that shows both her creative and entrepreneurial sides.

Growing up in South Florida, Nasice was exposed to a lot of diverse cultures, but her Haitian heritage influenced her the most.

It even factored into her decision to come to Florida A&M University.

“I wanted to attend an HBCU and start a legacy within my family,” Nasice said. “FAMU has provided me with friends who I can call family, educational expertise and an experience I can talk about to generations to come.”

When entering college, many are concerned with how they want to make a name for themselves. However, this was not a challenge for Nasice as she was already well versed in many things.

Keyanna McFann, 20, is a close friend of Nasice and one of her line sisters from the Faces Modeling Troupe, Inc., an organization founded at FAMU committed to the modeling scene on campus.

McFann has seen Nasice in action and can attest to her work ethic and dedication, describing her as someone who “exceeds beyond her limits” because of the goals she has set for herself.

“Chris always makes time for what she is passionate about. That is one thing I’ve always admired about her,” McFann said. “She will always get it done no matter how much is on her plate or whatever obstacle may come her way.”

Nasice’s love for cooking is a prime example of how she’s turned one of her passions into a reality, and she credits her mom for helping her find it.

In 2021 she created a private catering business called Christines’ Cuisine: “Your Favorite Food Homemade with Love.”

By incorporating Caribbean culture and her abilities as a chef, she took elements of her home life to Tallahassee and shared that with college students who crave a traditional home-cooked meal.

“My love for cooking derived from my mother, who would take her time and cook every day for my seven siblings and me,” Nasice said. “Growing up around traditional Haitian cuisine and a large family, and then transitioning to a freshman college student in Tallahassee, which has a lack of cultural food and resources, inspired my passion for Christines’ Cuisine.”

Outside of cooking, Nasice loves to model and considers fashion a hobby.

Her role with Faces this year has expanded into becoming the co-fashion director for the 2022-2023 academic year alongside senior political science student Chad Giles.

“In one word, Chris is resourceful,” Giles said. “I say this because our time coming into Faces we struggled with finding ways to do certain things, and in her time as co-fashion director, she provided great ideas to innovate Faces fashion.”

Nasice’s modeling and inventive outfits have not gone unnoticed.

Christine Nasice, 21. Photo courtesy: Aiyana Ishmael for Teen Vogue

During Homecoming Set Friday this year, she was featured among other students in a fashion street-style article by alumna Aiyana Ishmael for Teen Vogue.

The story, headlined “41 Best FAMU Homecoming Looks from 2022,” included two images of Nasice’s “homecoming fit” where she was photographed wearing a pink sweater dress, gold pumps and statement sunglasses.

She also stood out in the crowd due to her innovative loc design.

“It felt amazing to see myself on such a platform that showcases celebrities and notable fashion looks,” Nasice said. “I always express myself through clothing and want to pursue my passion in fashion and one day be a runway model.”

Nasice takes inspiration from “Scandal’s” Olivia Pope and “America’s Next Top Model,” using Instagram as her social media platform of choice to pursue modeling.

Nasice’s style is expressed through her outfits and cooking says a lot about her creativity, but her taste isn’t only measured by these things. Credit goes to her career choices as well.

Currently finishing her education in health science and on her way to becoming a healthcare professional, Nasice has mastered finding a healthy balance between academics, hobbies and interests.

“I chose to major in health sciences to give me the ability to learn in a wide and diverse aspect of healthcare when it comes to bedside to corporate and administration,” Nasice said. “As I reflect on balance, now graduating, I would say it took myself having patience and strategic planning.”