Devin Nobles is an activist who inspires

FAMU student Devin Nobles. Photo courtesy: Nobles

Many students at Florida A&M University want to make an impact on the world. They  want to challenge social norms and push the envelope.

One of those students is Devin Nobles, a third-year engineering student at FAMU who happens to carry a lot of weight on his shoulders. Nobles is a student leader, visionary and someone who wants to initiate  change within the Black community. Behind Nobles’ many titles as president of the Godfather chapter of Progressive Black Men Inc., vice president of the junior class (2024), university Presidential Ambassador, and Mr. 1913 of the Real Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority, Nobles is more than what you see on campus.

Behind Nobles’ outgoing persona and tailored suits lies a man with a plan to enact social change and promote social justice.

“There’s this proverb that says you get two birthdates. The day you come out your mother’s womb and the day you find your purpose,” Nobles said. “And my purpose was found in November of 2014 when Tamir Rice was killed.”

Nobles’ purpose and desire is to liberate and empower Black men and women. Black students across the country have had to deal with the burden of seeing gruesome images of Black people, specifically Black men, in the media. Tamir Rice was a 12-year-old African American boy who was killed for carrying a toy gun by a white police officer. Nobles saw himself in Tamir Rice.

Racism affects Black students and changes their perspectives. Nobles was only 12 when he heard Tamir Rice’s story, which motivates and inspires him to do what he does today.

Nobles has protested, created a mentorship program with the Boys & Girls Club, pushed voting rights, and promoted Marie Rattigan to be a representative for Tallahassee in the Florida House of Representatives.

“I’m doing this to inspire others,” Nobles said. “Seeing other people doing their thing is why I got up and why I started making connections.”

Derrick Nobles, twin brother of Nobles, is inspired by his brother’s work and impact on the community.

“Devin could not sit back and watch, as he saw what needed to be done for his community,” Derrick said. “My brother cares about his community and is a person who wants to uplift it.”

Nobles’ friend Malani Scott, a third-year business accounting major at FAMU, has also been inspired by Nobles’ work.

“Devin is a young man who will do just about anything for his community,” Scott said. “He is a gentleman dedicated to service and uplifting Black women.”

People who genuinely care are few and far between. Nobles’ efforts in school and outside activities shows his hard work and dedication to promoting social activism within the Black community.

“I care,” Nobles said.

Nobles has plans to create change, promote mental health and advocate for financial liberation within Black people across the entire diaspora.