DJ and producer Antmann is up next

Anthony Haynes working as a DJ. Photo courtesy: Xavier Aurelien at Slimeshot Productions.

Everyone is born with a gift. Antmann just so happens to master his.

Anthony Haynes was born on April 18, 2002, in Broward County. Frequently moving from one school to another, Haynes tried his best to integrate with everyone he came across. Eventually it became easier for him to introduce himself to new people; leading him to self discovery.

“Oftentimes I was never a part of the groups or cliques,” Haynes said. “But that helped to develop who I am as an individual to this day.”

Born with the love of music, the 20-year-old started music production at the age of 13. Haynes did worry, however, that his passion could not afford his living.

Though uncertainty consumed his mind, his dedication for music, mixing and producing continued to evolve.

“Last summer was when I started mixing for real. I just never put as much time into mixing as I do for producing but that’s going to change because sonically, I like to make a track sound the best it can,” Haynes said. “There were doubts in high school …but I learned more about the industry and the high demand for mixing engineers and music producers.”

Coming to college at Florida A&M, Haynes recognized that his motivation began to shift to another level. He explained how FAMU grew his hustle.

“Seeing other students and other alumni that have done great things and that are doing big things, inspires me to keep going and to do better as an individual,” Haynes said. “Also being in college inspired me to start DJing because I’m usually the one that’s on aux or has the playlist set up.”

Listening to producers like Metro Boomin, Wheezy and Timbaland, Haynes used his inspiration to allow his visions to come to life. He incorporated everything he heard into his music and through manifestation he ultimately grew his confidence as a music producer and DJ.

The up and coming producer has collaborated with other talented students at FAMU. Haynes was the first producer Lejuan Lewis, artistically known as Samurai Sancho, connected with in Tallahassee. Lewis recalls his usual experiences in the studio with Haynes.

“Antmann’s production is unique to me,” Lewis said. “It’s enough to interest a listener but still enough room for me, as the artist, to complete the picture we are painting.”

Imara Peters, a junior psychology student at FAMU, said she admires Haynes’ ability to balance his personal and social life with his producing skills. She also mentioned his swiftness while creating.

“Everyone should know just how talented he is,” Peters said. “He can sit down and create a nice beat in minutes.”

Haynes said he is arranging new projects and is ready to show a new side of himself, the world has never seen before.

“I’m planning on the next two to be a study tape, so like beats that you could study to and play in the back for vibes,” Haynes said. “Also, another project where I’ve been exploring my artist side so you can hear a whole lot more of me vocally.”

“There’s already new music out,” Haynes added. “‘Fie Dat Up,’ is on Soundcloud by myself and Lucid Luunar, that’s been on repeat.”