Pontiflet fills a niche with Kaycases

Photo courtesy: Phoenix Dumas

Going to college at FAMU puts you face-to-face with many student entrepreneurs.

Need a last-minute nail appointment or wig install?  There’s likely at least one person on your floor who can do both, helping you build connections with entrepreneurs.

Future business owners are budding at the surface at FAMU, ready to take their innovations to the real world.

One Rattler, Kamyah Pontiflet, is a business administration major who sells trendy, chic and affordable iPhone and Airpod cases. Her business is called Kaycases, a playful spin on her first name. She shared the inspiration behind her brand.

“Coming from a family of business, my dad especially, helped cultivate me into the entrepreneur I am today. I was always taught that working for myself is hard but it’s always worth it by putting in the proper work,” Pontiflet said. “When I came up with Kaycases back in high school, I told myself to sell something I know for sure my peers will be interested in buying. And because everyone my age has phones, what would be a better idea to sell cases? And that’s how Kaycases was created.”

The first step in creating a business is finding a product that targets your demographic, and Kamyah did just that.

On the consumer side Bria McCray, a political science student and frequent shopper of Kaycases, appreciates the unique niche that Pontiflet has found.

“Kamyah’s business is different. Most people are selling clothes, hair, lashes, etc. She’s selling eye-catching phone cases,” McCray said. “We have our phones in our hands all the time, why not make them stylish?”

Stylish, indeed. Scrolling through the website you’ll find an array of designer phone cases and aesthetically pleasing graphic cases with matching Airpod accessories all under $20. Pontiflet also uses her business to donate lightly used or unused iPhone cases to local donation centers.

Running a business as a full-time a student can be arduous. Expectations may fall short on both sides, and it may feel like you aren’t doing enough. However, a business will only thrive when you have people supporting the brand you’ve worked hard to create.

“Exposing my business to FAMU has been a great experience,” Pontiflet said. “FAMU has given me the opportunity to surround myself with like-minded people and other entrepreneurs. I also appreciate the support I’ve received behind exposing my business to FAMU.”

Karissa Estel, a psychology major and longtime consumer of Kaycases, shared a memorable shopping experience she had with the brand.

“Seminole Grand was having some kind of event with different vendors, and there was this case I had been following for weeks to restock and that day I happened to catch the last one,” Estel said. “Timing was right and that made me happy and I was able to get a matching headphone case also.”