Ignite program assists transfer students

Image courtesy: famu.edu

The Ignite program is Florida A&M University’s collaboration with eligible FCS schools.

FCS is the acronym for the 28 institutions that make up the Florida College System. These schools include as Valencia State College, Indian River State College and Tallahassee Community College.

Through the Ignite program students who attend an FCS school are guaranteed acceptance into FAMU after two years or upon completion of their associate’s degree.

The Ignite program is also offering incentives. The “Ignite card” is a special offering that gives Ignite-qualified students access to most FAMU athletic and on-campus events.

There are a few place marker qualifications. Interested Ignite students must have earned a 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 GPA scale in high school.

Ignite offers a type of safety net. It skips the frequently agonizing process of finding the next step in furthering education. Students who have transferred from one of Florida’s community or state colleges know all too well that the transfer process can be hectic.

Liz Ocampo, a social work major at FAMU from Fresno, California, recently transferred to FAMU but she was not eligible for the Ignite program. Ocampo, a dedicated student, admitted she had difficulties transferring to FAMU without a structured program.

“I had a hard time getting all my transcripts together from my previous colleges,” Ocampo said, “I didn’t receive help from my previous advisers, but FAMU and TCC administration really helped.”

Ignite is also perfect for the student looking for more of a one-on-one educational experience.

Joanne Volcy, an elementary education major from Orlando, benefits from the high level of communication Ignite offers.

“Ignite has helped me go at a steady pace with smaller-sized classes,” she said.

Some Ignite students have even been able to gain experience in their career field before transferring to FAMU. Taylor Adams is an Ignite student at TCC who earned the opportunity to work with FAMU on an athletic scholarship.

“It has been a wonderful experience to be able to work early toward my goal of being a sideline sports reporter for the NFL,” Adams said. “I’ve been able to work sidelines for FAMU’s football, volleyball and basketball games.”

Adams has overcome adversity and gained critical work experience before even starting her bachelor’s program at FAMU.

“Due to test anxiety, I wasn’t able to achieve the scores I needed to get into FAMU right out of high school,” Adams said, “But the ignite program has given me the opportunity to still be successful while earning my A.A. degree.”

You can find more information about the Ignite Program online at https://www.famu.edu/academics/transfer-student-services/ignite-transfer-program.php.