Some students unable to go home for Thanksgiving

Photo courtesy; Spoon University

Thanksgiving is the time of year when students look forward to a short break from classes and returning home to family and a feast.

But not every student is fortunate enough to return home for the Thanksgiving break. It seems like a tradition to go throughout the fall semester working hard, missing loved ones, and then gearing up to return home to celebrate the holiday that is known for giving thanks.

Students who are unable to travel back home for Thanksgiving say that they either have a job here in town, do not want to return back to their predicament, or as simple as the funds are not there.

Some of the students are finding ways to start a new Thanksgiving tradition while in college. There have been ideas spreading throughout campus from having Friendsgiving, to even attending a local friend’s family gathering.

“My household is not the move for the Thanksgiving spirit, and I prefer to spend time with my boyfriend’s family plus I work at an emergency animal hospital,” Rodajai Burke, a fourth-year animal science/pre-vet student at Florida A&M, said. “Unlike some of my other friends and peers, I’m not going to miss being home for Thanksgiving.”

While some are OK with missing Thanksgiving with family, others are feeling homesick and wished they could return home for the break.

“Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday to spend with my family, so with this being my first year not being able to return back due to my job and not having the extra funds, really sucks,” Courtney Tucker, a second-year sociology student, said. “If I could just have my grandmother’s famous dressing and kiss on my forehead, I just might be OK with missing this year.”

Ty’re Roberts, a FAMU student, has plans to cook for his friends and classmates who are unable to travel back to be with family. Roberts wants to ensure that everyone is feeling loved and full from a heartfelt meal.

“It may not be much, but seeing some of the people close to me feeling down for missing family and a great home cooked meal, did not sit right with me,” Roberts said. “The least I can do is have something close to a home cook for my friends and to make them feel at home for Thanksgiving.”

Individuals that may be stuck in town for the Thanksgiving break and are looking for a heartfelt meal, the campus’ café will still be opened to students; so, will restaurants such as Golden Corral, Ruby Tuesday and a few more.