FSU appears to be Sunshine State king

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Is FSU the best football team in Florida?

College football’s regular season is fast coming to an end, and it’s time to start naming
the best schools.

Florida has a long history of being one of the best college football states in the nation.
Top FBS programs include the University of Florida, Florida State University, University
of Miami, University of Central Florida and University of South Florida.

It is not easy to be considered the best college football team in Florida holding this title
creates major rivalry games each year.

UCF currently has the best record (7-2) and is ranked No. 22. With a 6-3 record and a
ranking of 25, FSU is not far behind. With a 5-4 record, UF is unranked. With a 1-8
record, USF is far behind the pack.

It is up for debate which FBS football team in Florida is the best. The most recent rivalry
game between the Florida State Seminoles (6-3) and the Miami Hurricanes (4-5) fueled
this discussion.

FSU defeated Miami 45-3 last Saturday — in Miami. That was one of the most lopsided
victories between these two rival schools.

Historically, the University of Miami has been a good football team that has faced tough
competition from the Seminoles.

Florida State football has struggled significantly since the resignation of previous head
coach Jimbo Fisher. Since Jimbo’s resignation. Florida State football has struggled
significantly. FSU has been chasing the title of being the best team in Florida since then
but has been disappointed considering their performance.

However, with the Seminoles performance this season, and their victories over top-
ranked schools such as Louisiana State University, Florida State football has been
performing better.

The upcoming rivalry showdown between FSU and UF is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 25.
This game will test the Seminoles.

UF is a well-respected team around the nation and in the Southeastern Conference.
The Gators are known for competing in high-level games and knocking down top teams.

This year the Gators have already beaten UCF early in the season in a close battle with
the final score 31-28.

If the Gators pull off a win against FSU, then perhaps UF should be crowned the king of
Florida for this season.

UCF is no sleeper. With major success in the most recent years, UCF has climbed the
ranks to be considered the best team in the state over the last couple of seasons.

Last season UCF had the best record in the state at 9-4. FSU’s record was 5-7, UF had
a record of 6-7, and Miami had a record of 7-5, and USF went 2-10.

Even though UCF had the best record, it can be argued that they have the weakest
conference out of the bunch. UF is an SEC team, and Florida State and the University
of Miami are ACC teams. The SEC and ACC have higher competition and more top
schools than many other divisions.

UCF is scheduled to play USF on Nov. 26, but this game is anticipated to be an easy
win considering the lackluster performance of USF this year. However, if USF upsets
UCF, then UCF is out of the conversation to be determined as the best football team.

Florida State will not play UCF this year, but the Florida Gators have already beaten
UCF, so if FSU can pull off a victory over the Gators, then that is the only determinant of
whether FSU is better than UCF.

On Nov. 26, once all the rivalry games are over, Florida should have its top team, and
bragging rights will be claimed.