Homecoming didn’t always live up to the hype

Columnist Ismara Cajuste. Photo courtesy: Cajuste

Florida A&M University’s recent homecoming celebration was a huge event in Tallahassee. Current students and alumni spent an entire week paying tribute to the customs, rituals and other aspects of their alma mater.

Many students said that they had to make the best out of homecoming. FAMU enjoyed a huge crowd and success with homecoming this year.

Numerous companies came together to provide opportunities for our future leaders. Companies such as Google, ABC 27, Amazon, WCTV and more were here hosting panels full of information about internship and job opportunities.

Many students were disappointed in the start time of a lot of the events. Especially about how everything was back-to-back and did not provide enough time to get to some of the panels they intended to go to because they wanted to go to the Grads Are Back Career Fair, which is an annual event at the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication during homecoming to learn about exciting opportunities.

India Richards, a third-year criminal justice major at FAMU, said she was not too impressed with some of the events that were going on this year. There were many events to attend but a lot of them were happening at the same time. It just seemed like a lot was going on all at once, she said.

“I didn’t even get to go to the Nike panel as planned,” Richards said. “I even gave my homecoming game ticket away because someone wanted it and was not able to get one.”

Many students could not get a game ticket because it was sold out so quickly. There were only 4,000 game tickets released. They released the tickets at noon and by 2 p.m. they were sold out.

Many students sold their tickets to events on GroupMe. GroupMe is a group messaging app where people connect about various events throughout campus.

Jasmyn Lucius, a fourth-year health science student at FAMU, was disappointed in the concert. When she bought her ticket, she was under the impression that the rapper/female artist Latto was going to perform.

The university’s homecoming planning committee and representatives of promoter WRLD Entertainment were forced to start over after Latto claimed she was never scheduled to perform at the school’s homecoming celebration.

There was a feeling of urgency as students, the intended audience for the tickets, voiced perplexity, dismay and requests for refunds on social media sites and on FAMU’s campus.