Rapper DKOMX rises to fame at FAMU

DKOMX performing. Photo courtesy: Dakarai Williams

With humble beginnings in Macon, Georgia, and a passion for music since a young age, you could say that from then, a star was born.

Dakarai Williams is a sophomore psychology and theater double major at Florida A&M University. And while he has a passion for psychology, being a student isn’t all that Williams is or aspires to be.

Williams began rapping at 13 years old and he’s been known as rapper/dj DKOMX ever since. With help and influences from his hometown, Williams used that support to jumpstart his musical career.

“I started rapping at a church camp but I had been seeing my friends at this music camp called the Otis Redding Foundation music camp. That’s where I really got my start in music and my start in music production and actually making songs,” Williams said. “I knew I wanted to be an artist from then.”

Growing up around artists like Goodie Mob and watching his favorite artists Drake and Kendrick Lamar inspired Williams to start rapping. When it came to dj’ing, after his dad saw he had an interest in it and he bought him dj equipment. With help from his mentor DJ Cheez, he was soon on his way to becoming a dj, too.

Williams has performed at many FAMU events from last spring semester’s FAMCHELLA to this past homecoming’s NPHC step show. Williams says performing is one of his favorite aspects of being an artist, along with being in the studio.

“I enjoy living in the studio being surrounded by music because it’s almost like I get to express myself fully but also being on stage after the expression in the studio,” Williams said. “Being on stage and having hundreds or maybe thousands of people actually feel the music in real time with you, there’s nothing like it.”

Malik Grant, a junior mechanical engineering student at FAMU, says that Williams’ performances gradually get better as he sees him.

“I’ve seen him probably like three times now and each performance has been better than the last so I would definitely say he keeps improving,” Williams said. “He’s very young so I see a lot of potential.”

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to being a full-time student and artist. Williams says juggling both school and work can be difficult but receiving help from his team makes it easier on him.

“Some of the struggles I have is time management and making sure everything lines up with my schedule because my schedule is really busy,” Williams said. “Having a good support system, a good team helping me stay organized helps me manage balancing everything that I do.”

It’s easy to say that all of his hard work is paying off. Williams has dreams of making it fully into the entertainment industry but taking care of his family and the people he loves most is the ultimate goal.

Roddrick Jones, a freshman fine arts student and god-brother of Williams’, says what he admires most about him as an artist is his work ethic.

“Growing up with DK I’ve seen his work ethic from a very early age and he’s always strived to make sure that he can be the best rapper and the best artist he can be,” Jones said. “It’s his behind the scenes actions of him working hard and getting there to achieve his goal that I admire.”