The impact of Black women in real estate

Photo courtesy: Instagram – @tyjah.t

The increase of Black women in the real estate industry is currently at an all-time high. Many
brokers in real estate have been broadcasted on channels such as HGTV, an American
television channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.

One of the first all-Black women’s real estate series is called “Selling It In the ATL,” broadcasted
in 2015. Although the show lasted for only one season, this was the start of Black women’s
representation in the real estate industry.

However, the representation did not stop there. In 2021, the Netflix series, “Selling Tampa”
made its first debut starring Sharelle Rosado. The show broadcasted Rosado’s brokerage,
Allure, which included five other Black women.

The Knockturnal publishing company interviewed Rosado and her agents. They were asked
what it was like to be in an environment in the industry with all women of color. Tennill Moore,
one of Rosados agents, shared her thoughts on this question.

“I think it was powerful that I could bounce ideas from people of my own who can relate to the
same things I like to do,” Moore said.

Rosado also shares her reasoning for starting Allure with Estate Envy.

“Here in Tampa, you do not see a lot of minority-owned businesses in real estate,” Rosado said.
“I wanted to create a brand that would allow minority, young females to get into the business. I
knew that if I created my firm, I could go my route and achieve what I wanted.”

Since the show’s first airing, Selling Tampa has sparked many conversations regarding the real
estate industry. It has inspired many women of color, such as students on the campus of Florida
A&M University.

Tyjah Tuggle, a third-year facilities management student from Covington, Georgia, was
impacted by the show and her parents, who owned different rental properties.

“Watching selling Tampa motivated me because there were not many people in the industry
who looked like me, like Quiana Watson, a broker/developer in Atlanta,” Tuggle said. “Our first
rental property was dusty, but I watched my dad renovate the whole thing. That property is still
making money for my dad. It was an inspiration for me and in this industry.”

Tuggle shared her recent accomplishments in the real estate industry and how she wants to
impact others.

“I closed in on my first home. I was able to at the beginning of the semester and closed on this
deal with my mentor and was able to negotiate at a price they were comfortable with,” Tuggle
Tuggle also shares that to get a broker’s license, you must have a sell associate license under a
broker. Her goal is to receive her real estate license in Georgia by the end of this year.

FAMU provides opportunities for students to learn about the industry, such as Club Real Estate.
Toggle is the director for events on Club Real Estate. She says that those who are interested
should attend their information sessions.