Omarion visits ‘the hill’

Omarion, R&B singer and actor’s, flyer for his HBCU book tour.
Photo Courtsey: Efferson Student Union

Omarion, best known for being in the R&B boy band B2K, stopped by Florida A&M
University Thursday as part of his HBCU book tour.

His new book, “Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy,” dives deep into Omarion’s
spiritual journey and how he managed to be centered even through public setbacks that
made headlines.

Roughly 75 students and Tallahassee locals gathered at Jake Gaither Gymnasium for
Omarion’s Q&A session moderated by Mia Uzzell, a fourth-year broadcast journalism
student at FAMU.

Omarion, who was “dubbed the king of unbothered” by his fans, shared what influenced
him to write his book.

“My life inspired me, all the things I’ve been through, the ups and downs. I think it’s
important for us to share our story; it's what connects us all. You never know what we
might be going through and how we can help,” he said.

The singer explained what “unbothered” means to him.

“[Unbothered] doesn’t mean to neglect your feelings or emotions,” Omarion explained.
“It actually means to confront what it is that you feel. Being unbothered is such a
powerful posture.”

Omarion revealed what readers can look forward to when in his book.

“[Readers] can discover candid stories, especially if you’ve been following my journey. I
give some personal details and context to some stories that I haven’t shared publicly. I
also talk about becoming a father and how that has inspired me in my spiritual journey.”
Omarion said.

Once the Q&A session ended, the audience was guided through “relationship with
rhythm,” which Omarion said “circles the energy around in our bodies.”

Omarion directed the audience to lie down on yoga mats and led them through
meditation and breathwork with his own meditation soundtrack playing in the

Nicole Williams, who specializes in sound bowl healing and meditation, conducted a
sound bath for the audience after Omarion finished his meditation.

Williams said she is passionate about doing sound baths and helping others in their
spiritual journeys.

“I manifested this,” Williams said. “Being on tour healing people and seeing people get
emotional through sound is what I love.”

Jordan Forbes, a junior at FAMU, said after this event, she will try adding meditation to
her routine.

“I really liked the sound bowls,” Forbes said. “So maybe I’ll incorporate that into a
weekly thing I do because I felt very relaxed.”

The actors' next tour stop is at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina.
Omarion’s book is available to purchase on Amazon, Audible and wherever books are