Is college dating dead?

Photo courtesy: Rawpixel

When most students begin to embark on their college journey they are bombarded with tips and advice on what not to do when you get to college. One of those common tips is to not commit yourself to a serious relationship when you get there. Why is that?

When most people urge young adults to not get in a serious relationship in college, they’re most likely doing so for a plethora of reasons. They can range from not being able to handle relationships, infidelity, limiting yourself on options, etc.

“You’re looking for a certain level of commitment and connection that the majority of college students simply aren’t ready to give,” Shan-T’Erica Pugh, a recent graduate at Florida A&M University said. “College students already have a lot on their plate with school, so they won’t be able to give relationships the right attention.”

Recently, at Florida A&M University there was a viral video shared to YouTube that showed a male student being confronted by two other female students that he was allegedly dating at the same time. This is one of those things that your parents might’ve warned you about regarding relationships in college. This video sparked conversation amongst fellow students with most reinforcing their previous belief that dating in college is a waste of time.

With instances like this becoming more and more common it leaves most young adults feeling discouraged to even try to look for relationships in college. Students typically avoid dating out of fear of their partner having another connection with someone else, so they rather focus on themselves and schoolwork.

Many people yearn for the types of relationships that older family members had years ago. The dating scene has drastically changed from the time that our parents and grandparents were living in. Society has evolved so much that it seems impossible to find that type of bond that’s strong and genuine.

Dating in college can be difficult, but not all hope is lost in finding your lifelong partner at college. There are a good number of relations that go beyond college and blossom into beautiful healthy relationships.

Relationships that have strong foundations and dating with intentions usually are the ones that go for long.