Mass shooting rattles FAMU students

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One person was killed and eight others were injured after a mass shooting Saturday night on West Pensacola Street, according to the Tallahassee Police Department.

The shooting occurred near the Florida State University campus just before midnight. As police patrolled crowds in the area, dozens of shots rang out and crowds began running, looking for safety from stray bullets.

Multiple individuals within the crowd began shooting near Half Time Liquors and Los Compadres, according to a TPD press release.

Florida A&M student Vandi Allen was across the street attending Baja’s nightclub to see artist NoCap when the shooting took place. Baja’s was forced to close.

“It sucks because NoCap is my favorite artist, and I was looking forward to seeing him perform. It’s disappointing because everyone was there to have a good time, but it was short-lived,” Allen said.

TPD held a press conference Sunday to discuss the mass shooting. Police Chief Lawrence Revell said, “Police said they saw an armed man shooting into a crowd near a McDonald’s and, according to police, told the man to put the weapon down. They then shot the man and detained him. The suspect did not sustain life-threatening injuries.”

Two suspects were also detained but not in connection to the shooting, and all three suspects are identified as local residents. De’Arius Cannon, 30, has been arrested for attempted second-degree murder and carrying a concealed unlicensed firearm, and resisting arrest without violence, according to TPD.

“I was just down the road at Circle K getting gas, and next thing you know, heard a pop, pop, pop sound going off. I just got in my car just in case, but it is crazy that what happened on what’s supposed to be a fun weekend turned deadly like can’t we just enjoy a weekend without gun violence? It’s just sad,” Raphael Sands, a FAMU student said.

Sands said he was on his way home from work and decided to stop for gas when it happened.

Police say it’s not clear what prompted the mass shooting. Revell said TPD is working on getting to the bottom of the case. Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey tweeted praises to the Tallahassee police for their quick response to the shooting. “I am proud of the quick response of the brave men and women of the Tallahassee Police Department. They put the safety of others ahead of their own.”

After the Saturday night shooting, many students voiced their concerns about whether they would continue to attend parties in the area and even forgo going to events for the rest of the weekend.

“No, this won’t stop me from going out, but I will be more selective before deciding where I go to party,” Allen said.

When news broke about the shooting some associated it with FAMU’s homecoming. A viral tweet by FAMU football coach Willie Simmons read, “please stop saying there was a shooting at FAMU’S homecoming! There was a shooting on W. Pensacola St and Stadium Dr., not on or around FAMU’S campus.”