Some students reluctant to evaluate courses, teachers

A computer screen displaying the evaluation concept. Photo courtesy: Alamy

Every semester students take a moment to contemplate the concluding semester.

The findings of course evaluations provide professors a better idea of how successfully their students’ learning needs are being met.

They supposedly use student input to design, adapt and enhance their courses. Each year, departments use the outcomes of course evaluations to assess professors’ effectiveness as teachers.

Although Florida A&M University gathers course evaluations, many students need to see the benefit of taking part.

Students claim that their suggestions for improving the class are ignored by administrators, even though these assessments allow for student input.

On Nov. 22, the FAMU Test Service Bureau will make surveys for the fall semester’s courses available. The surveys must be finished within roughly three weeks.

Fourth-year business major Cierra Harper from New Jersey thinks that because students don’t value student surveys, they don’t feel the need to complete them.

“Students don’t believe the course evaluations are important. Teachers who have received negative feedback from students for years are still employed here,” Harper said.

Third-year psychology major Serenity Warren from Dallas said course evaluations are critcal if students want their voices heard and want to see change.

“I believe that completing the evaluations are necessary because criticism is always valuable. We must inform teachers of their performance. Especially if you feel like there must be a change or if your having any troubles learning,” she said.

Since the results of the evaluations cannot be viewed by students, some students have questioned the value of posting student reviews. Some students even result to third-party websites such as RateMyProfessor to establish a good understanding of professors.

Although some feedback is out-dated, students have suggested starting sites and groupchats to get the most up-to-date feedback on professors.

Other students disagree, claiming that doing so would give them a chance to insult the professor. claiming that the comments will be “personal attacks” on character, much like those on Rate My Professor.

A spokesman from the FAMU Test Service Bureau said that 3–4 weeks after the semester concludes, teachers can access the evaluations. Survey responses can be brought during tenure reviews and yearly performance reviews.

The evaluations, which are available on Canvas through each course Class Climate Integration, and in student email, must be finished by students by 11:59 p.m. Dec. 5.