Tiffany Greene is a game-changer

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Tiffany Greene knew that she would not only “Bragg different” her entire life, but that FAMU, family and legacy would be the driving forces behind where she is today.

It started 114 years ago when her great-grandmother set the tone that Greene says she is very proud of.

Born into a three-generation Rattler family, Greene was able to witness the foundation of what that truly meant and how Florida A&M produced successful Black men and women.

“When you have three generations prior who you’ve seen have great success and return to FAMU and speak of it in this high regard and this unwavering love, you want to attach yourself to that type of tradition and legacy,” Greene said.

Growing up, she knew that her passion belonged in sports.  It wasn’t just the desire to open doors, it was the initial foundation of what sports truly meant to her.

From being a former athlete to having grandparents who both had a sports background, Greene felt in her heart that this is where she belonged.

Sports were a way for her to learn patience, perseverance hard work, and the moral aspect of never giving up.

“I loved what sports taught. I loved the confidence that you can gain from it, the teamwork aspect, being dedicated to something, making a commitment and seeing it through,” Greene said.

Over time, this passion led her to pursue her collegiate career through her family footsteps at FAMU.

She was very active in the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication from standing out in the classroom to creating her own voice through radio and television leading to the title of becoming the first female sports director at FAMU’s WANM 90.5.

As she was finding her voice, professors and administration such as Professor Kenneth Jones, Keith Miles, Dean James Hawkins and Diane Hall were some of the ones who granted her grace and went the extra mile to define what excellence with caring meant.

As a college student, Greene stood out not only by making sacrifices, but striving to succeed in something she was very passionate about.

“One of the biggest things you see in students like Tiffany is a passion for wanting to do great sports journalism, writing published articles, producing TV news packages, at the radio station in every way possible,” Professor Jones said.

“She continued to not lose her passion. She also kept the discipline needed so that other distractions on the college campus didn’t take away from her passion by the time she finished her degree and she was willing to sacrifice,” Jones added.

Greene continued to make sacrifices. After graduation, Greene knew she had to keep the doors open to not only create her own narrative, but to strive to help others.

For Greene, it’s bigger than her. She continues to shine in all areas and break barriers.

Coined the first African American woman to serve as a play-by-play commentator for college football on ESPN, her legacy continues to grow. She says she is blessed to strive to influence Black girls and keep the doors open for people of color.

“I’m not here because of me. I am here because God is using me for others. To make a clear path, to create greater opportunities for others, and to serve and a reminder and an encouragement that dreams can become a reality because I’m proof of that,” Greene said.

“I hope that Black women, Black young men will flood the door, run through those doors and be greater and do even more than I could even imagine.”

For some, Greene’s influence and caring spirit helped mold them into who they are becoming today.

“Tiffany really cares, she’s always there for a helping hand and a listening ear. She has mentored me, given me advice that has shaped me into who I am today and that’s why now I am doing all of the things that I envision myself doing because she reached down and pulled me up,” FAMU alumna Thai Floyd said.

Greene is now making her way back to her orange and green roots. She will be delivering the keynote address at the 2022 Homecoming Convocation.

Overall, “FAMULY over everything” is what Greene wants to preach as a mother, mentor and game-changer.