Homecoming is a time to cash in for local businesses

Photo Courtesy: Thejaxsonmag.com

It is officially FAMU homecoming week, a week that people wait yearly to take part in.
“The Experience” is the homecoming theme for this year. It is a week when businesses
from all over come together to tailgate and promote their brands whether it be their
clothing business or their food truck.

There have been a total of 355 floats, cars, and groups that have signed up for
Saturday’s parade, with numerous local businesses included.

Homecoming week brings so much revenue to everyone’s local businesses because it
is not just for one night but for the entire week.

Many hotels have tremendously raised their prices for FAMU homecoming week and
are requiring a two-night minimum stay.

Airbnb’s are everyone’s new “go-to” when it comes to traveling because they are more
private and offer more personal amenities than hotels do. However, for homecoming,
Airbnb has also raised its prices and also requires a two-night minimum.

“My advice is to get a hotel for like six months in advance, or if you do an Airbnb, get it
in the same time frame, but have people pay their money when they’re about 60 days
out. Just booking early, I can’t stress that enough, otherwise you’ll be paying an arm
and a leg for a room.” JuJuan Lee said.

Market Monday took over the Quad today, which allows local businesses of all kinds an
opportunity to promote and tell people about their business. It’s also a showcase for
young entrepreneurs and organizations to promote their business as well.

“FAMU homecoming brings my business a lot of success. I’ve had my food truck
Granny Fried Chicken for six years now and this year I’ve participated in the FAMU
homecoming tailgate. I always have a set price on my menu, unfortunately I can’t bring
my full menu to the tailgate because I have such a big menu and I’m too busy to make
everything on that menu because of so many people in my food truck line,” owner Henry
Lynn said.

Everyone can find food vendors and local businesses ups and down Wahnish Way, as
well as in front of Gaither Gym.

“FAMU homecoming always brings so much business and revenue to my business
especially because I want to expand my clothing line and the best way to promote my
business is to promote FAMU homecoming,” owner of Billionaire Minds, Freddro Davis,