Food truck Tasty Love opens on campus

Tasty Love soft opening flyer.
photo courtesy: Tasty Love Instagram @tasty_love22

Last week, Rattlers and other Tallahassee residents had the chance to get a sneak peak of the
new food truck Tasty Love.

Tasty Love hosted a soft opening on Robert and Trudie Perkins Way last Tuesday through
Saturday. Selling burgers, chicken, seafood and fries, owner Gabriel Lovett says it’s the
millennial way of food.

“We aren’t doing the regular ketchup and mustard, we have many sauces and it’s basically like
a Subway thing where you can have it the way you want it,” Lovett said. “We’re selling basic
stuff but cooking it with our own twist … we want to relate to the millennials.”

Lesli Bodie, a junior biology pre-medicine student from Jacksonville, said she was pleased with
her order of chicken wings and fries.

“I feel like their chicken wings and fries were pretty decent. I enjoyed the amount of seasoning
the wings and fries had on them,” Bodie said.

Tasty Love might be a new food truck, but it’s not a new business.

Lovett’s last name might sound familiar as he was also the owner of Lovett’s Burgers Chicken
and Fries, a restaurant that has been around since 2019 and in 2021 became a store-front in
the mall. Since then, Gabriel has closed the mall location, changed the name of the restaurant
and launched an all new, all improved food truck.

“I saw that the mall location wasn’t for me and I learned for you to go to the next level you
really don’t want to seem like a mom and pop,” Lovett said. “That’s why I took away my last
name being a part of it.”

Nyah Collins, a fifth-year professional MBA student from Tampa, remembers Lovett’s before it
became Tasty Love.

“I remember Lovett’s from my freshman year when they were serving out of the house,” Collins
said. “I’m glad to see that they are branching out and doing something different while still being
at FAMU.”

The new food truck has been touring around Tallahassee, catering to businesses such as the
popular party venue Potbellys.

Since then, after hosting their official soft opening of the food truck off of Robert and Trudie
Perkins Way, Lovett says he hopes to make this their regular location.

Lovett has dreams for his business to reach the next level in the near future.

“I want to have one in Central Florida and South Florida then I wanna go West Georgia.
Basically, I want to have a lot of franchises,” Lovett said.