Market Monday takes center stage

Overlook on Market Monday. Photo courtesy: DeAmber Lowe

Homecoming has returned, and there are numerous events planned out for the reset of this week. The theme for FAMU’s 2022 homecoming is “The FAMU Experience,” and one of the events that started the festivities was Market Monday.

The stage for homecoming. Photo courtesy: DeAmber Lowe

It is geared around locals and students promoting their businesses and products on the Quad.

The event started at noon, and there were many vendors to shop to check out.

The Eternal Flame, located on the Quad, was surrounded by different tents, with eager business owners selling their products, while exhibiting great attitudes.

“It is my first semester here on campus, and I feel honored to be able to promote my business as well as getting to know my fellow peers,” said Zaharia Nelson, a third-year pre-physical therapy student and owner of Arts by Zahr.

This is not the first time that Market Monday has made its appearance on FAMU’s campus. Market Monday has been a big hit during election seasons as well as at previous homecomings.

College Boutique’s Tent. Photo courtesy: DeAmber Lowe

The purpose of Market Monday is to promote local Black businesses in the area, and encourage student entrepreneurs to display their businesses and gain more clientele.

AT&T Rising Future Makers hosted and sponsored the 2022 Homecoming Market Monday, and was offering students a $20 voucher to support the local businesses.

Current students were able to obtain the voucher by presenting their valid student ID.

“I love the fact that FAMU is hosting a Market Monday, it is allowing individuals my age to promote their businesses, and I love to see it,” said Chelsea Adams, a second year allied health student. “I see this event as a great image to show all my college peers, that their business is worth it and all it takes is to start it.”

Attendees had the option to purchase clothing, jewelry, make up, and even accessories.

There were businesses on the Quad such as College Boutique, Kleanse by Kiara, Yardi’s Clothing, Art by Zahr and other Black businesses.

Keanu Hewitt (Owner of YARDI Clothing). Photo courtesy: DeAmber Lowe

“I feel like FAMU should have a Market Monday at least once a month,” said Keanu Hewitt, owner of YARDI Clothing. “It gives business owners like me an opportunity to expose our businesses to the community, and gain more publicity.”

Many students said they were grateful that the start of homecoming includes Market Monday, due to many of them needing last-minute items to celebrate the busy week ahead. There were also non-FAMU students present, along with alumni ready to support any business that caught the eye.

“Yes, I am an alum of the university, but to support local Black businesses before the crowd gets crazy this weekend on Perry Street, was the deal breaker for me,” said Destene Williams, a 2019 FAMU graduate. “I came looking for the Little Rattler Bag, and ended up leaving with so much more, but it was worth every penny.”

Do not worry if the event was missed. Many of the same vendors are planning to be open for business on Set Friday from noon to 3 p.m., and on Perry Street throughout the weekend.