Shaking up the routine can make college better

Trenton Cintron at open mic. Photo courtesy: Cintron

College life in Tallahassee can quickly become mundane with the same daily routines, tasks and social scenes. Things can start to feel very played out if you don’t branch outside your weekly practices and begin to romanticize your life.

A few Florida A&M students have found various ways to make the most out of their lives while being full-time students.

Trenton Cintron, a third-year biology student, describes college to be a dull but necessary experience.

“College is very boring, but it is one of those things that you just have to get done,” Cintron said.

In order to not feel boxed in, he has begun to tap into his creativity and pick up hobbies to balance out his life outside of academics.

“I started making music and attending open mics weekly, so I can get my mind flowing in other ways outside of school,” Cintron said. “I have to give myself a break, and get more out of this life than just academics, and doing things like pop-up performances has really given me something to look forward to weekly and made life seem less routine.”

Cintron said if he hadn’t started finding other ways to invest in his college experience, he wouldn’t be as content.

“College can already be kind of dull, so if I hadn’t started finding ways to keep my life exciting, I honestly wouldn’t be as happy or inclined to want to continue school,” Cintron said.

Delia Washington a fifth-year business student, is constantly finding ways to embrace her life outside of just her studies.

“I know how to both work and play hard,” Washington said. “I take my studies very seriously, but I also understand your twenties are only so long.”

Washington has picked up internships in other cities and is constantly taking her academics nationwide to keep things exciting.

“Something that has really aided me in making the most of my life as a student was traveling with my academics,” Washington said. “I have purposely applied to internships outside of the state, and am constantly taking educational trips to other cities,” Washington added. “No one wants to be stuck in their college town all the time, so I took it upon myself to find ways to get my education in a less mundane fashion,” Washington said.

“By doing this I have been able to explore cities, visit friends and enjoy my academic experience way more,” she added. “People joke about how I am always traveling, but if I didn’t take this approach, I wouldn’t enjoy my higher education nearly as much.”

There are various ways to spice up your life in college. Whether it be through picking up hobbies or taking on a new city each week, students will benefit if they find ways to make their experience less routine.