FSU comes to life during Market Wednesday

Market Wednesday
Photo courtesy: FSU NEWS.COM

Market Wednesday is a lively and versatile mid-day gathering hosted ever week on
Florida State University’s campus.

Upon arrival at the Oglesby Student union, you will be greeted by a variety of different
vendors, clubs and organizations. It’s an event feels like there is something for
everybody to fit in. Opportunities such as multicultural organizations, a women’s student
union, and even an astrology club were present Wednesday and showed a lot of

Even organizations not associated with Florida State were present. Brooke Belforte is a
public relations student from Atlanta. Belforte was at Market Wednesday representing
the Acne Treatment company Proactive. Belfort earned this opportunity through an
ambassadorship hub known as “Evolvez.” Despite being relatively new to the program
Belforte has reaped the benefits of professional growth.

“With this opportunity, I’ve learned a lot about talking to people and managing a
company’s media,” Belforte said. “Being an ambassador has helped me learn about
public relations and networking as well.”

There were a plethora of on-campus organizations which interested students could
learn about. Christina Nazaire is an Interdisciplinary medical studies student from
Pompano. Nazaire is also a member of MAPS, short for the Minorities Association of
Pre-Medical students. MAPS offers a selection of resources to assist pre-medical

“MAPS offers many great things such as MCAT prep and books,” she said.
However, students looking to just enjoy the atmosphere and have a much-needed break
from classes had plenty of opportunities to do so. Live music, free food and drinks were
available to the students.

Raven Joseph is a second-year marketing student from Broward County who uses
Market Wednesday as a stress reliever.

“I love Market Wednesday; I try my best to come out here each Wednesday because it’s
the only time most of the student body is together,” Joseph said. Perhaps the liveliest
part of the day is toward the end. FSU houses a multitude of performing organizations;
from Divine Nine to Dance teams. These organizations put on a show for the gathered
crowd with a stroll-off.

Joseph enjoys market Wednesdays as a student, yes, but also as a representative of
the Caribbean Student Association. Joseph is the captain of her organization’s dance
team and enjoys being a part of the strolling as well.

“I love to dance,” Joseph said, “So getting to stroll is my favorite part of Market

The moral of the story is if you find yourself in the middle of the week with nothing to do,
check out FSU’s Market Wednesday. It’s located at the Oglesby Student Union on
Woodward Avenue.