Transfer students in spotlight

National Transfer Student Week Events Calendar. Photo courtesy: FAMU Transfer Student GroupMe

The nation’s No. 1 public HBCU is in the midst of celebrating National Transfer Student Week.

The week is dedicated to all FAMU transfer students. It is a week to highlight transitioning students from all over and to celebrate how far they’ve come as students preparing to graduate from Florida A&M University.

Students from across the nation transfer to FAMU for the best HBCU experience, and each semester FAMU receives almost 50% more transfer applications, making it more and more compatible every year.

“I am excited for some events, especially the ones I get to network in. It is super important as a transfer student for incoming transfer students to start early with getting involved and meeting new people. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come to you, go get it yourself,” FAMU junior Alaijah Brown said.

Transfer Week kicks off every third week in October. On Monday the university’s Transfer Student Association hosted a meet and greet Snake Walk, Transfer Check-Up and Study Session. There was a Chit-Chat Session and Mental Distress Day on Tuesday. A fashion show was scheduled for Wednesday, followed by Uhh-Huhh Thursday, which will consist of music, fun and games. The week ends with Karaoke Social on Friday.

There will also be career opportunities for transfer students as well as networking events designed to help transfer students.

Jordan Meyers, a transfer student from Tuskegee University, said, “I am excited for transfer Week and I hope that I can make it to some of the events. From what I’ve experienced, the people behind their events are pretty well organized and friendly. I honestly would tell every transfer student to do what feels best for you. You’re going to get a lot of advice from a lot of different people, and compare FAMU to your old school a lot, but to really enjoy yourself and to make the most of your experience. Joining organizations, and becoming an active presence on campus is the best way to network.”

FAMU prides itself in its transfer students by making their transitioning move as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Sheila Martin, the transfer student program coordinator, says on the FAMU website,  “A lot of times with transfer students coming in, they feel like they’re alone. We take pride in providing academic support and guidance to newly admitted and current transfer students by directing them to the appropriate resources and campus services.”

Deju Johnson, a senior at FAMU and a transfer student, urges her classmates to take charge of their academic progression at FAMU.

“The advice I would give to a student transitioning to FAMU is to get out as much as possible and do not be scared. Utilize your resources and participate . Whatever you want, only you can make it happen,” Johnson said.