FAMU’s women’s sports are overlooked

Sierra Sandy showing her game day face.
Photo courtesy: FAMU athletics

In 1972, Title IX of the Education Amendments was passed to ensure in part that women and men participating in athletics get an equal opportunity. Yet 50 years later, women’s athletic teams still struggle to receive the same support as male athletic teams. Even many pro women’s’ athletic teams deal with the same issue of not getting the same support as men’s sports.

Florida A&M has a total of eight women’s team sports. They are all accomplishing notable achievements, but rarely receive campus support comparable to the men’s teams. For FAMU to be known as the school of love and charity, where is the love for the women’s sports teams?

“I would definitely like to see more support during our matches,” says Sierra Sandy, a second-year criminal justice major, who plays on the women’s tennis team. The teams that we play against have more supports from their family that come to watch then our own school at home games. If students have free time they should come and support all school sports. Showing up to the games and giving the same amount of in person love they give to other male sports. Also supporting online and spreading the word about upcoming events to help others show up as well.”

Did you know last year the women’s tennis team made it to the semifinals? Probably not, because there is minimal recognition or praise given from the student body. Unlike the male teams they get credit for winning and losing.

Kalia Todd and teammate during a home game playing against Ole Miss.
Photo courtesy: FAMU athletics

FAMU’s women’s sports team has undefeated records. Our volleyball team is currently undefeated in the 2022 conference play and the previous 2021 SWAC champions.

Kalia Todd a second-year volleyball players says, “I would just like to see my peers rocking FAMU volleyball shirts or jerseys and the stands to be filled with students and supporters. To make that happen we would need the athletic department to market our games just as much as men’s sports. As well as seeing merch for volleyball in the bookstore. Games would be a lot more fun if the band played too for some home games. “

“The band plays at the male football and basketball games so why not come hype the women sport teams up? Do they not deserve the same love and supports as the male teams? They have won championships and are proven great athletes, who need support,” Todd adds.

Peryonna Sylvester showcasing her skills on the court.
Photo courtesy: Jai Smith photographer

“Coming from a PWI where support from others can be one sided, into a school that harps on Cultural was a beautiful scenery, but I do also feel as if all the women sports on campus need more coverage and support,” said Peryonna Sylvester, a junior graphic design major, after being asked what made her come to FAMU.

This has always been a nationwide issue for women, but here at FAMU we must do better and show our support to our Famuly.