Fuel Tax Act keeps prices at the pump in check

BP Gas Station Pumps.
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A temporary gas-tax break, effective for October, should lower Florida gas prices this

The state’s Florida Motor Fuel Tax Relief Act of 2022 took effect on Oct. 1. By doing so,
the state suspends its 25.3-cent gasoline tax for the rest of October. According to the
state average, it was $3.26 per gallon on Sunday, Oct. 9. This is the lowest daily
average price since January.

“While everyone might not be lucky to see sub-$3 gasoline, all Floridians should expect
a sizable discount this week,” the state said in a release.

“This gas tax builds on the previous downward pressure on pump prices, stemming
from global recession concerns and underwhelming fuel demand,” said Mark Jenkins, a
spokesman for AAA, the Auto Club Group.

A few reactions to the Florida Motor Fuel Tax Relief Act of 2022 have been gathered
from the community.

Joshua Taylor, a fourth-year architecture major from Chicago, said, "I am thankful for
this tax relief act because it helps me save money.

“I am thankful for this gas tax relief act because it could potentially help me save money,
especially with the way prices have been in the past. I usually spend around $80-100 to
fill up my SUV, but thanks to this new law, I should be able to save on gas prices,” he

Briana Washington, a third-year information technology major from Orlando, said that
she looks forward to gas prices coming down.

“Because this month is a big month for me, with my birthday coming up and
homecoming also approaching, I’m looking forward to gas prices coming down,” she
said. “Since I have a lot of places to go and I need gas for my car, it would be great if I
could save a couple of dollars.”

After peaking at $4.89 per gallon in mid-June, the state’s average price had declined by
$1.50 per gallon before October.

Michael Johnson, a graduating senior at FAMU from Detroit, said that prices dropping
is another financial burden getting some relief.

“As prices drop, another financial burden is lifted. Considering I am only 22 years old
and fully support myself while in college, since gas prices have decreased, I don’t have
to make the same financial commitment to buy gas and I can save money."

This one-month Fuel Tax Act runs from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31.