FAMU Homecoming lineup disappoints

Photo courtesy: FAMU’s TicketMaster website

Homecoming is one of the biggest events that FAMU students look forward to every year. This particular homecoming, students are not thrilled about the events that have been scheduled.

In short, students are highly disappointed with what this homecoming has to offer.

For the past few years FAMU’s SGA Homecoming Student Steering Committee would have a teaser or make a post to let us know who and what we will be expecting. There have even been release parties to get the students excited about homecoming.

Release parties and teasers were always posted two months prior to homecoming. This year’s SGA is a lot different from the normal tradition.

There were no release parties or teasers about homecoming this year. Students were left in the dark and confused about what was going on.

As homecoming approached there weren’t any mentions about homecoming. Students were only going based on word of mouth and a tweet on Twitter.

Cierra James, a fourth-year sociology major, shared how she felt about the wait for homecoming.

“Finding out about who we are supposed to have for homecoming on a fake tweet on Twitter, I find it weird because I was looking forward to an actual party or something on campus,” James said.

Despite finding out what’s going on for homecoming this year, students still didn’t have a clue about who would be coming. Homecoming is two weeks from now and students have finally seen an actual post.

SGA Student Body Vice President Makira Burns shared a post on Oct. 3 about who will be performing at the homecoming concert. After she made a post, the students immediately took to Twitter and Instagram to voice their thoughts about homecoming. They were not many positive tweets.

Students were angry because they waited this long just to have celebrities that they have seen at least twice. They feel like whoever was in charge did not take their suggestions into consideration.

This year’s homecoming concert FAMU has invited the City Girls and Latto, who are more towards women on campus. They sing songs based on their past relationships but coming from a woman’s perspective.

The men on campus feel like they can’t attend anything because it’s all female artists for the concert. Students just do not feel right about it.

Agreeing with so many friends and others, Deondre Fox, a third-year nursing student, says it is not fair to the men on campus.

“I don’t feel like it’s right for FAMU not to have any male artists for the concert, since when was it not a co-ed concert?” Fox said.

For it to be some of the students’ last homecoming, they just don’t care or won’t bother to attend anything because they are unsatisfied about the homecoming lineup overall.