Two students stage plant pop-up

FAMU student Chelsea LaFrance and Nia Thomas. Photo courtesy: Kiara Scott

Florida A&M University is teeming with entrepreneurs, students with unique business ideas. The university encourages its students to pursue their entrepreneurial goals by allowing businesses to sell products on set Fridays. The main products sold at this event are FAMU gear, clothing items, and accessories.

Well, two students decided to use Friday as an opportunity to bring awareness to plant health by hosting their first plant pop-up.

Plant enthusiast Chelsea LaFrance, a fourth-year cardiopulmonary science student from Atlanta, and Nia Thomas, a fourth-year music student from Jacksonville, partnered to give away seventy free plants at last week’s set Friday as well as sell a select few plants.

The two met at a hair appointment and instantly connected over their love for plants and plant care.

“Chelsea was doing my hair, and I saw all the beautiful plants she had in her house,” Thomas said. “The entire time, we talked about plants which inspired us to collaborate on a plant pop-up to spread knowledge to other people.”

Plant care has been a big part of their lives, and they wanted to share their love and knowledge for plants with the campus.

“I wanted to give back to the community, and I know how much joy I have taking care of my plants that I wanted to share with other people,” La France said. “Because I have so many people who come up to me asking for plant tips, I thought it was the perfect way to give people the opportunity to become plant parents.”

Thomas said she wants to inspire people to live more intentional lives by sharing what she loves to do in a digestible way for everyone to understand.

“We love plants so much, and we know other people love plants as well, but they are intimidated by which plants to buy first or how to care for them,” Thomas said. “So, we got the easiest plants that are hard to kill and provided plant care cards to go with them so that you can become the plant parent you want.”

After graduation, LaFrance plans to pursue plant care full-time by opening a nursery.

“My future goal is to own my plant nursery and then do plant interior design where I can go into people’s homes and help pick out the perfect plants for their home,” LaFrance said. “I also want to have my holistic medicine product line.”

The event was a huge success as all the plants sold out. Desiree Williams, a fourth-year cardiopulmonary science student, said she was delighted with the event.

“The experience has been excellent. Chelsea and Nia are very knowledgeable about the plants, and they both have been helpful with guiding people to the right plant for their lifestyle,” Williams said.

LaFrance said they plan on having another plant pop up on the set soon and other off-campus events.

“We are hoping to do another set pop up as well as plan a bigger event where more people from the community can come out and learn about plant care,” LaFrance said.

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