Luxury headwear company HBCU CRWNS originated at FAMU

Anthony Jefferson CEO and founder of HBCU CRWNS, wearing HBCU CRWNS hat. Photo courtesy: Jefferson

Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ apparel just reached an all-new level of luxury. Luckily for Florida A&M University students, the business happens to be right here at home.

HBCU CRWNS is a luxury headwear solutions brand that specializes in creating silk infused apparel for HBCUs. From hats to hoodies, HBCU CRWNS caters to those with natural hair in hopes to protect it and keep it moisturized all day.

Anthony Jefferson, FAMU business administration student and founder of HBCU CRWNS, said his inspiration for starting the brand came from his own needs for protecting his natural hair.

“When I began loc’ing my hair it was extremely difficult to maintain seeing all my day to day FAMU apparel was made with rough materials like cotton and twill,” Jefferson said. “I needed not only a silk lined hat but a FAMU silk lined hat to act as an all day durag and bonnet. I saw that as Black students at an HBCU our university apparel should be tailored to our Afrocentric hair needs.”

Jefferson officially launched the brand in March of this year but has been working on the idea since October 2021.

Starting out with only silk lined everyday hats, HBCU CRWNS now sells beanies, scrunchies, headbands, hoodies and more that are all silk infused to prevent dryness and breakage of natural curls.

Alexis Sincere, a biology pre-medicine student from West Palm Beach, said that the silk lining is what she enjoys most about HBCU CRWNS’ apparel.

“As someone who has natural hair, I know that silk material is better for our hair type,” Sincere said. “It feels very refreshing knowing that people are trying to help with our hair texture and try to make it easier for us to maintain it.”

Kennedy Mote, a pre-physical therapy student from Jacksonville, said that the versatility of the brand appealed to her most.

“I like that this brand caters to people with different hairstyles,” Mote said. “I can wear my hair up or down and still be able to throw on the hat for various occasions.”

Jefferson believes that if you have nothing to offer your community then you don’t belong in it. That makes this his favorite part about his business.

“HBCU CRWNS allows me to provide my community with apparel that is truly tailored towards their needs. Meeting students at different universities and being able to offer something to their lives that benefits them is very special to me,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson predicts that his brand will be the No. 1 headwear provider servicing HBCUs and hopes to have multiple collaborations with major brands, sports leagues and teams.