Lemon & Thyme features healthy fast-food

Lemon & Thyme is located in Midtown. Photo courtesy: Dashai McClendon

Kate Murray, a 26-year-old Tallahassee native, is one of the three owners of Lemon & Thyme, a new local restaurant designed to appeal to all types of taste buds.

It is a laid-back, casual, fast-dining restaurant located in the heart of Tallahassee’s Midtown.

After noticing the common trend of not-so-healthy fast-food restaurants in Tallahassee, they wanted to bring in something fast and healthier for food lovers to enjoy.

“We came up with the name for the restaurant with the help of family and friends by writing several things down on a spread sheet and combining the name that way,” Murray said.

The menu features an array of salads that are infused with grains and fresh ingredients. Murray made sure to include unique flavors that will satisfy the tastebuds of anyone’s palette.

With simple salads like the classic Caesar, or more complex cravings like a caprese, they made sure that the salads hold a bit of zest in each bite. They also have  a wide range of vegan options for those who prefer no meat.

The customizable salad bowls include options such as shrimp, chicken and steak. Items like tofu, quinoa and falafel are also available for those who desire them.

“I mostly look forward to sharing something that I love with the community I grew up in,” Murray said.

Lemon & Thyme is located in Midtown. Photo courtesy: Dashai McClendon

Jackie Davis, 29 and a Tallahassee native, says she likes the idea of this new healthy restaurant.

“It seems like everyone is so infatuated with the idea of bringing the common fast-food restaurants to Tallahassee like opening up things that’s similar to what we already have,” Davis said. “What’s the purpose of opening up a Cane’s when we already have a Guthries?”

The restaurant’s bright colors, unique name and location stand out compared to the surrounding things in the area. It’s really not hard to miss.

Emily Wartz, a dental student at Tallahassee Community College, said she came because she loves places with nice aesthetics and wanted to give something new a try.

“This restaurant reminds me of a vegan Chipotle in a way because of how we place our order, it’s really refreshing in here,” Wartz said. “I just stopped by because I saw someone post this place on their Instagram story and the scenery looked nice.”

Murray said she hopes the restaurants continues to bring in new customers as they are located in one of the busiest and most traveled areas in town.