Statewide candidate stresses voting at Student Senate meeting

Monday’s Student Senate meeting.
Photo courtesy: Kaila Priester

FAMU’s Student Government Association gathered Monday to discuss concepts and
plans for the academic year. The session was led by Kelton Williams, Student Senate

It began with two men discussing the significance of the power to vote. Adam
Hattersley, a former state representative and the next candidate for chief financial officer
of Florida, was one of them.

Elections are essential, and the outcomes affect every American, he said. Voting is
crucial because it allows voters to choose who will make critical choices for the country.

For the upcoming Marching 100 week, the Student Relations Committee is teaming up
with two legislative branch executives. A strike team meeting will also be conducted to
prepare for the homecoming game on Oct. 29.

Senate seat applications closed on Friday, and there were about 20 applications
submitted. Interviews will be scheduled either this Thursday or next Tuesday.

Londe Mondelus oversaw Senate Executive Committee reporting. The SEC did not
convene due to scheduling difficulties. In addition, the student bar association indicated
an interest in attending this year’s homecoming game for the first time. They could not
participate in prior year’s games due to a lack of funding. However, during the Orlando
Classic, a Senate meeting in the student bar association chambers will be held to
strengthen ties with the law school.

Nyla Sams administered the Executive Judicial Branch reports. “Ready, Set, Vote”  is still
accepting pledges. The link may be found in the BellxBurns Instagram bio. Due to a
blood shortage, a blood drive will be held on the “Set” on Nov. 2. Since the test of
menstrual products in the Grand Ballroom bathroom was successful, Free the Period
(an organization that places menstruation products in restrooms) intends to deploy
additional feminine goods in the bathrooms across campus.

Devan Vilfrad, chief justice of the Student Supreme Court, commented on the upcoming
re-advertisement of unfilled jobs. Approximately three clerk of court positions are
available, four circuit court seats, and potentially one Supreme Court seat. A meeting
was scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday to guarantee that all new members receive sufficient

For Village residents, a call-to-action document has been created. FAMU has informed
Village residents that they must relocate their vehicles during game days for incoming
visitors, even though there is already limited parking on campus. Heavyn Willis, a

Fourth-year psychology major, is concerned for the present Village residents since she
has been in the same situation.

“Staying in Village gives residents a closer distance to the field on game days,” Willis
said. “It felt like we were being evicted from our homes because if we did not move our
cars, they would get towed immediately. Requiring on-campus residents to move their
vehicles for game day guests is absurd.”

This week’s Senate meeting saw five confirmations, all successfully sworn in. Devon
Nobles, vice president of the 2024 class cabinet, reports preparations for welcome week
and cram jam have begun. More about these topics will be discussed at next week’s
Senate meeting.