What about Jeffery Dahmer’s victims?

Actor Evan Peters playing the role of Jeffery Dahmer (Left), Actual photo taken of Jeffery Dahmer. (Right). Photo Courtesy: BuzzFeed

Millions of families have become interested in the Netflix series “Dahmer.” Between 1978 and 1991, serial killer and sex offender Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, popularly known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal” or the “Milwaukee Monster,” killed and dismembered 17 men and boys.

Real crime and bad guys are profoundly ingrained in American popular culture, as is our fixation with them. People worry that this series may motivate future serial killers who are intrigued by, drawn to, or able to identify with the antagonist.

At least 56 million households have watched all 10 episodes, according to Netflix data. This has sparked several conversations on social media amongst viewers who want the show to be canceled because the families should not have to relive the horrific moments of what Jeffery Dahmer did to their families. People are suggesting that Netflix should pay the money made from the film to the victims’ families because they believe the series was created to profit off of the innocent victims who lost their lives.

Many people support what Netflix did with this film because they think it captures the victims’ personalities and demonstrates how wonderful their lives were before Jeffery Dahmer ruined their lives showing what monster he was.

Family and friends of victims have spoken out on social media calling this series “retraumatizing” and “cruel” especially because Netflix did not reach out to the family prior to releasing the film. Netflix did not think about the families’ feelings, proven evident by profiting off of victims’ family members’ last moments of life.

Rumors have spread stating that the families only want money from Netflix, because there are other Jeffery Dahmer shows besides this one that is trending. The only reason they are speaking out now is because it has reached so many people.

Many fans have made humor out of this horrifying story on social media by mimicking the behavior of Jeffery Dahmer for viewers.  People have failed to remember that all attention isn’t good. 

“What Jeffery Dahmer did to those people is unforgivable and we should not glorify this cruel man,” Kennede Cofield said. 

Fans have discussed dressing up as Jeffery Dahmer for Halloween and created memes to relate to Dahmer on a personal level. This is horrible considering when this case was going on fans were sending money and postcards to Jeffery Dahmer to keep him happy while incarcerated. 

This has been an emotional rollercoaster for the victims’ families, and we should think about the victims’ and how they felt before laughing at the next “Dahmer tweet”.

Cameron Sapp, Quarterback at FAMU from Jacksonville, Florida says this film should have never been published without consent of the families. 

“Although it was published, hopefully this film can show people how to catch early signs of serial killers and raise awareness so people can receive the help they need.,” Sapp said. “I’m hoping that this film will make us college students more aware of the need to constantly be cautious when we’re out because we never know what others have in mind.”