Is ghosting healthy?

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An expression the older generation often adheres to is “communication is key,” but generation Z feels the complete opposite and would instead stick to “ghosting.”

The Urban Dictionary defines ghosting as “The act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date. This is done in hopes that the ghostee will just “get the hint” and leave the subject alone as opposed to the subject simply telling them he/she is no longer interested.”

“Ghosting” has become a heated discussion on social media platforms on whether the action is clear communication or is it cowardly. The word ghosting on Twitter is frequently tweeted with arguments from both sides of the debate.

One side of the argument despises the art of “ghosting” and feels like it is a form of manipulation and selfishness. The other side of the debate agrees with the act of “ghosting” to preserve one’s mental health. Twitter users on each side of the argument gave valid points, but the question remains, is it healthy to ghost someone?

The National Library of Medicine said, “The quality of our close relationships is the biggest predictor of longevity and happiness. Quality intimate relationships are associated with fewer mental health problems and better subjective well-being. On the contrary, poor quality intimate relationships and breakups are often associated with less well-being, such as anger, sadness, psychological distress, and depression.”

Several social media users emphasize how often they ghost someone instead of a different way of communicating.

“Ghosting on people who never prioritized you>>.” said Twitter user.

“Ghosting everyone when you are mentally not okay.” said Twitter user, Qvrgss.

While several social media users tend to “ghost” the people in their lives, others are furious at the glorification of this manipulation act after a viral video of a woman having her reception despite being left at the altar by her groom. Commenters are livid that “pro-ghosters” are attempting to blame the bride for the groom’s disappearing act on their wedding day.

Twitter user Jd occasionally reposted the viral video and said, “where are the ‘ghosting is clear communication” people now? Tell me this is not the most manipulative and narcissistic thing you can do to someone you claim to care about.”

Individuals are ruining relationships by forcing their loved ones out of their lives without notice. The act of ghosting is an unhealthy communication skill that should not have become something people practice in their relationships. Long-term relationships will deteriorate if the problems are not spoken of and bleed into new connections.

As time passes, individuals should slowly quit ghosting the active people in their lives. “Ghosting” should become a nonexistent way of communication for the new generation because of the long-term effects on the health of others.