Seasons greetings

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It is now that time of the year when the leaves turn colors, the weather cools down and picking the perfect pumpkin is added to the to-do list; yes, fall has arrived.

The fall season comes with many festivities that are now staple traditions between October and November. Since the temperature drops a little, many students enjoy spending time with their loved ones inside.

Tiauna Buckner, fourth-year political science student is eager for this season.

“I love that fall brings comfort,” Buckner said. “Being under the covers and indulging in sweets and heavier meals. I usually spend more time with my loved ones and friends during this time.”

Quality time during this season can include having a fall picnic, baking treats and going to a haunted house.

Sierra Lowery, fourth-year health care management student, plans on indulging in Halloween associated activities this entire month.

“I do plan on visiting the pumpkin patch very soon as well as watching scary movies with my friends,” Lowery said.

Both Hulu and Netflix release a Halloween movie and television show collection every October ranging from teen horror to family friendly films.

“My friend and I have already planned a movie marathon on Netflix for Halloween,” Buckner said. “We just have to find days in our schedule to do it.”

While many students love the thrill and jump scares they get from watching scary movies, some students prefer the non-scary Halloween movies.

Ajonia Hicks, a physical therapy student, does not like true horror.

“The closest thing I’ll watch that’s scary are like the movies Disney would air,” Hicks said. “Movies like ‘Twitches’ and ‘Halloween Town’ are what I would watch. I don’t like movies like ‘Jason’.”

Halloween is a major part of fall, but it isn’t all there is to it. Students begin to switch to a warmer wardrobe and purchase fall-scented items.

“I think I’ll add some more leather items to my wardrobe this fall,” Buckner said. “While it’s comfortable to rock the sweats and sweaters, presentation still matters. There’s so many ways to be comfortable but still look like you took the time to put something together.”

Buckner likes to purchase certain vanilla scents while Lowery and Hicks stick to the year-round scents.

Certain hairstyles are also more manageable due to the cooler weather therefore, styles like silk presses, tape-ins and braids are worn more.

Homecoming and tailgating are popular fall festivities among college students that many look forward to participating in to make memories outside of academics.

“I am really looking forward to Homecoming as this is my last year here,” Lowery said.

Fall is a season with a lot to offer so why not make the most of it!