Images Modeling Troupe returns

Photo courtesy: @imagesmodeling1985 on Instagram

Florida A&M University’s campus is in for a treat as Images Modeling Troupe presents a new class of “Images” for the first time since 2019.

Going by the name “Xquisite Khaos,” the fall 2021 class of Images Modeling Troupe made its first appearance at the final Set Friday of last semester but was just recently introduced formally via its Instagram @imagesmodelingtorupe1985.

Images was created and chartered on the campus of Florida State University in the fall of 1985 and later expanded to FAMU’s campus in 1991. The organization welcomes anyone who has a love of modeling and a passion for fashion.

The new initiates were brought in under the leadership of their president, Evonia Thompson, who was initiated into Images in the spring of 2019. She said that releasing this new class of Images definitely could have been considered one for the books.

“The experience itself was not easy, believe me. It took a lot of dedication and time to get this class ready for what’s about to come,” Thompson said. “They worked so hard to get where they are and I’m so proud of them.”

Although it was challenging at times, joining images has been a long time coming for some of the new initiates, but considered to be worth it in the end.

Justin Little, a third-year business administration student, has had his eyes on Images for a while, and quickly saw how joining this organization would benefit him.

“I wanted to join Images because I felt like modeling could help me with my photography, confidence and fashion sense,” Little said. “I also liked their past shows and photo shoots which helped persuade me.”

Little made the right choice in choosing Images to aid him in fashion as it is an integral part of Images Modeling Troupe. Fashion coordinator Tatyana Washington said that gaining an e-board position has her ready for the year to begin.

“I am definitely excited to get the ball rolling as a new e-board member. I’m most excited about participating in my first big show and coming up with fashion concepts as the new fashion coordinator,” Washington said. “I want to inspire and influence others to join the modeling organization that has helped me elude the confidence and passion I have for fashion today.”

Although things are just getting started up for this organization, there is already so much Washington has to love about being a part of Images.

“My favorite part is being able to express myself on and off the runway as well as making memories and having close connections with others who have the same aspirations as you,” Washington said.

Similarly, Little feels that his fellow “Images” have had the greatest impact on his experience thus far, as well as the ability to perfect his craft.

“My favorite part of being in the Images Modeling Troupe is networking with my peers and taking photos,” Little said.

FAMU’s campus and community has a lot to look forward to from Images as it begins preparing for this school year.

“We are planning to have more community service projects for Second Harvest and we are also preparing for a clothing drive that will be taking place during the winter season,” Thompson said.