How to prepare for Hurricane Ian

Photo Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Hurricane Ian is continuously picking up speed. Florida and Cuba are bracing for possible hard rain, flooding, and strong winds. College students need to be prepared for the possibilities of electrical outings.

Brittany Lockely, a Fox 35 Orlando meteorologist, spoke on the swift change in direction of Hurricane Ian and the severe damage this storm could cause.

“Since Ian’s track went more to the east…moving through Central Florida,” said Lockely. “Right now, Orange, Seminole, Osceola counties are under a hurricane warning. Disney and Universal have shut down their parks for both Wednesday and Thursday, something that you rarely see.”

Hurricane Ian is expected to bring life-threatening storm surge, hurricane-force winds, and heavy rainfall along the west coast of Florida and the panhandle.

Here are some tips and advice on how to stay safe.

Plan to evacuate

For those looking to travel away from the hurricane to be closer to family, be aware that roads are backed up due to the increasing amount of people evacuating.

Valeriia Pareichuk, a Floridian, spoke on how vital during storms like this to have a backup plan because things can change at any moment.

“I would say to check and know the evacuation zones, as well as know a backup plan,” Pareichuk said.

Prepare an emergency supply kit

This kit should include your medications, vitamins, medical supplies, flashlights, food, water, important documents and personal items.

Naomi Ellen, a recent University Central Florida graduate, stated her most important necessities.

“The top priority is to make sure you have enough water to last you during the storm and get some snacks or anything you can eat in case the power goes out,” Ellen said.

Stay updated

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and subscribed to the city’s local news network to know the minute-by-minute play on how the hurricane is traveling. Also, keep in contact with family members and friends.

Fill that gas tank

Planning to hit the road and travel upstate? Make sure to fill up the gas tank. This is also important for those who are not traveling, just in case law enforcement or emergency authorities request you to leave. Having that gas tank filled prior will prevent a long wait at the gas station.

Board it up

Some may feel that living in a house during a hurricane may have its benefits, but make sure to use plywood and nails on the outside of window frames to protect windows from shattering. Also, stay away from windows during the storm.

The hurricane season for Floridians has begun, and it is always best to be prepared for days like this. Getting storm supplies and other health necessities should be the top priority. Ensure every electronic device is charged and shut off any other devices that are not used. Severe hurricanes can leave students nervous since some are away from home. Just remain calm and positive because hurricane Ian will come to an end. If any emergencies arise, call 911.