Where’s the homecoming buzz?

Image courtesy: @famu_sga87 Instagram page

Florida A&M University is known for having one of the best HBCU homecomings. Students and alumni travel from across the globe to enjoy a week full of exciting events.

The weeks leading up to homecoming are a highly anticipated time filled with whispers of who will be on hand. In previous years, the student body would be abuzz with talk of different headliners, events taking place and news of special guests.

Shockingly, there has been no word as we approach the end of September.  So why is there no commotion about this year’s homecoming guests or events?

Student body president Zachary Bell said that SGA, the sponsor of the events, is building up the anticipation for the homecoming show to have a grand reveal.

“We are trying to be as grand as we can,” Bell said. “With FAMU’s epic return last year, we want to make sure this year tops everything that happened last year. It also takes a lot of time securing a lot of different artists and performers to make sure FAMU has as much talent as possible.”

Bell wants students to know that the homecoming lineup will drop soon and that they are moving right on schedule.

The student body vice president, Makira Burns, is tasked with planning and coordinating homecoming events. Burns said that she has a team that is all hands-on-deck to make this homecoming will be the best one yet.

“SGA has been working by having a full homecoming committee and several different sub-committees within that committee,” Burns said. “We do a lot of planning and meetings throughout the weeks and reach out to external sponsors to receive funding for the events.”

With the anticipation for homecoming rising, students shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to hear about the exciting week of events.

“Students can look to hear homecoming lineup announcements no later than the last week of September,” Bell said. “We plan on rolling it out way before then, but this year is going to be a great year, and we have been working very hard to make sure that it tops all things that FAMU has seen before, and to do that, it takes a lot of time. We are closing out those last details, securing our headliners for the homecoming concert to make sure that everything can be as grand as possible.”

Even though there has not been much buzz or spoilers released on who will perform at this year’s homecoming, students are looking forward to participating in the events.

“I am very excited to see what kind of events and celebrities will come to homecoming this year. I will definitely be at all of the events,” FAMU student Chelsea LaFrance said.

Although the Bell-Burns administration couldn’t give out any spoilers for homecoming week, Bell said Rattlers should look forward to a homecoming comedy show.

“I can’t give any huge spoilers; I will say that people should look forward to this year’s homecoming comedy show,” Bell said. “We secured a huge entity known for doing great comedy and putting on a show. It is someone that FAMU alumni, students, faculty, staff, and everyone will look forward to having, and I think it would be a huge show this year. I don’t want to give out too many more spoilers and kill the anticipation.”

Students and alumni can look to https://homecomingatfamu.com for future homecoming updates.