Local shop caters to Greek life

Campus Greek and Embroidery shop. Photo courtesy: Antonio Walcott

Located in the Railroad Square Art District at 682 McDonnell Drive, sits the only store in Tallahassee servicing the Greek letter organizations of more than 50,000 students across FAMU and FSU.

The locally owned retailer specializes in merchandise for fraternity and sorority apparel and paraphernalia as well as game-day essentials from license plates to t-shirts and umbrellas.

Opened in August 2012 by Florida State alumni Lawrence Greco, Campus Greek has acted as the premiere source for officially licensed products for over 25 fraternities and sororities in the Tallahassee area including the National Pan Hellenic Council and other Greek organizations such as musical fraternities and the Progressive Black Men.

The store offers a host of services.

Campus Greek allows individuals to shop on an as needed basis and choose from a range of products including Greek letters, jackets and pennants. fI you are unable to find a design of your liking, it provides an opportunity to design and print patterns for custom embroidery. Local charters for fraternity and sorority life are also able to place orders in bulk to cover an organization’s members through graduate turnovers and new inductions for events such as Founders Day or an organization’s charter week.

Owner Lawrence Greco credits the success of the store to a commitment to high quality service.

“As a Greek life focused store, it’s important that we have a diverse catalog of apparel and merchandise not only to represent the different communities we’re serving but to make sure that we can accommodate the needs of each organization and what their vision is when they enlist our services,” Greco said. “Each of these organizations has their own cherished history and standards that come along with their patronage, and we want to be sure that we honor that when we commit to an order.”

Campus Greek Shop is also a popular destination for family and friends of students or alumni who have joined Greek organizations as a gift referral service — especially during the fall/spring semesters and holidays.

Alexus Browne, whose brother recently joined the Theta Eta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, lives out of town and was unable to find anything that would be delivered on time had it not been for a friend at FSU who told her about the Campus Greek Store.

“My family has always celebrated personal events like that by going all out and the selection at their store [Campus Greek] made the process of shopping quick and painless,” Browne said. “The staff helped me pick the right lettering and had a section dedicated to his fraternity so I’m very grateful I found them when I did.”