Homecoming is approaching: Are you prepared?

Photo courtesy: Adobe Stock

The month is now September, meaning it is almost notably the greatest time of year here on the hill. Homecoming is right around the corner and students are gearing up to get their “drippiest” outfits ready for the most anticipated week of the fall semester.

This time is also known for alumni returning to the highest of seven hills to celebrate the university and give back as well.

While the ultimate goal of homecoming is for the university to gain donations and support from donors, students use this time to make bold fashion statements and enjoy all of the fun events. Florida A&M University hosts an abundance of different events. Some include well known celebrities like rapper Lil Baby, comedian Desi Banks and many more.

The celebrities who visited last year attracted a lot of attention to the campus. Maurice Morten, a fourth-year computer science student from Orlando, Fl., shared his outlook on this year’s festivities.

“I’m most excited to see who’s performing at the concert, especially because other schools have been securing popular artists,” Morten said.

Time is ticking and many students have already begun ordering their outfits. In a survey conducted by Tamia Allen, when asked where students are ordering their outfits from, the results show that 70% of female students will be ordering items from Shein.com. One of the most common fast fashion sites today. While the other 30% of the votes were for sites like Fashion Nova, and small local boutiques in Tallahassee.

Onryll Lewis, a recent graduate of FAMU’s psychology department has been preparing for homecoming since August.

“This is my first homecoming as a graduate and it will be good to see everyone and enjoy the festivities,” Lewis said. “Between Shein and Fashion Nova, I know I’ll eat the girls up.”

This level of excitement is shared by many FAMU students including student leaders.

Armani Jones, the 23rd Mister FAMU shared his excitement as well. Although he has only purchased a suit so far, he is ecstatic about homecoming.

“I think I’m most excited for things to be back to some kind of normal,” Jones said. “I love to shop at Aldo, BooHoo Man, and places like that and just piece things together.”

According to the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, also known as MEAC SWAC Sports, 31,887 participants were in attendance for the FAMU Homecoming football game last year. If this year’s turnout is anything like last year, students should start getting ready as soon as possible.

While homecoming is a month away, it is highly anticipated amongst students at FAMU.