FAMU SGA holds weekly meeting

Florida A&M University SGA members take their seats in preparation for this years very first Travel Senate meeting that took place in the multipurpose room of FAMU Towers South. Photo courtesy: Abe Drisdom

Yesterday, Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) Student Government Association (SGA) held their first travel senate meeting at FAMU Towers South, in the multipurpose room. Focusing on the importance of student involvement on campus, SGA members discussed matters that will help to better the lives of students while attending the university.

SGA President, Kelton Williams, reintroduced two bills that were originally mentioned and elaborated on during last week’s meeting. The Resolution bill, congratulating FAMU’s class of 2025 on their continued success, and the A&S Accountability bill which was written to hold campus clubs and organizations accountable for their spending of university funding. The second reading of the bills granted senators the chance to make additions and other edits to the bills. After coming to an agreement, both bills have officially passed, only awaiting a signature from both the SGA and senate presidents before being put into action.

Elections and Appointments Chairwoman, Loryn May, spoke on the value of her role within the senate.

“The importance of my role is to advocate for and represent my class who elected me to my position,” May said. “Tonight’s meeting was evidence of just that, being that my first bill of the year was passed as an official piece of legislation. I am honored to be able to represent and show off all the many talents of FAMU 2025.”

Following the official passing of both bills, during the second half of the meeting, confirmations were held for new potential senate members. With the addition of seven new members, FAMU’s SGA welcomes Associate Justices: Ariel Burks, Jordyn Brew, and Ajeya Adams, Deputy Secretary of Economics: John Stokes, Deputy Secretary of Communication: Derek Cordell, and Bailiff: Hamia Rivers.

SGA president Kelton Williams spoke briefly about what bringing on new justices means.

“Swearing in these new Associate Justice members is of utter importance. In the case of any appeals during this fall election season, the person appealing would take their case to the Supreme Court Justice where officials will listen and process their case,” Williams said. “Without having anyone confirmed on that court, we wouldn’t have anyone to process appeals, leading to even bigger issues. Every candidate running has the right to have their voices heard about their campaign.”

With hopes of gaining more attention and increasing engagement from students, SGA will continue to meet outside of student chambers, and in areas like resident halls and other public places on campus. For anyone interested in attending, SGA will meet again next week, Monday Sep 26, 6 P.M at a location to be announced.