FAMU receives a $200,000 check from Chevron

FAMU administrators receive $200,000 for university in front of the President’s Mansion from Chevrons’ Representative. Photo courtesy: YuKwon Toney

On Tuesday, Sept. 12, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University received a $200,000 check from Chevron. University officials and Chevron representatives stood outside the president’s mansion to broadcast this exchange. 

Frederick Walker, director of Chevron at the El Segundo facility, was pleased to be a part of this presentation. 

“We’re proud to be here today to be able to present this award as a symbol of our partnership that we have with FAMU,” Walker said. 

Dr. Stroud, dean of the school of business and industry, stressed the long-lasting partnership that the university has had with Chevron. 

“This partnership has been ongoing for decades; this is not new,” Stroud stated. “We are excited about the ways that we can grow and strengthen our relationship in years to come.”

This award will benefit the college of engineering and the school of business and industry; however, Dr. Robinson, president of FAMU, made clear that this will help the university as a whole and is excited to see how this impacts the university. 

“This award is going to go a long way with supporting our strategic initiative,” Robinson said. 

A 5-year strategic plan has been set in place to focus on student success, such as retention, graduation rates, and academics. Another priority of this plan is to position FAMU as a world-class leader in healthcare education, research, and service to address disparities and emergent needs and advance holistic well-being. All while helping the university achieve its goal of getting in the top 100 college ranking with U.S. News & World Report and remaining the number one public HBCU in the nation. 

“Tuesday, I will be presenting to the Florida board of governors the last steps in the approval of our 5-year strategic plan that we’ve been working hard on along with our board of trustees,” Robinson said.   

This well-thought-out plan is known as and titled “Boldly Striking.” 

“We’re proud of the fact that FAMU has maintained its spot for the fourth consecutive year as the #1 public HBCU in the nation,” Robinson said. “In terms of national public universities, we moved up in ranking to number 103,” Robinson stated. 

The rankings are not taken lightly, with thousands of colleges on the list. FAMU is also ranked 23 on the Social Mobility Index and 66th for undergraduate teaching. These rankings are an excellent deal for the university. 

“It’s a good investment sending your sons and daughters here,” Robinson stated.