Tallahassee’s top hangout spots

Photo courtesy: Adobe Stock

School is back in session, football season has kicked off and students are now returning to the hottest college town in the state, Tallahassee. While summer has ended, the search for a good time never will. Whether residents are new to the area or a native to the city, they are sure to find a host of activities to keep the day exhilarating.

Keshawn Louis, 21, a fourth-year accounting scholar at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, says that he enjoys the allurement of Tallahassee’s nature.

“There are so many chill places to go and just relax, whether it’s Cascade or the new rattler skate park, the natural scenery here is beautiful,” Louis said.

Cascade Park is known to many as the perfect place to go for a picnic, catching a live performance, or to just get fresh air. Adjacent to Cascades Park Trail is the new Skateable Art Park on FAMU Way, offering sidewalk surfers a place to practice new skills.

Tallahassee comes to life at night with its variety of club venues. Potbelly’s, a town favorite, is a local bar welcoming a host of events from brunches to pool parties, and college night with music from all genres.

Nicole Urdaneta, 20, a psych major at Florida State University, raved about the unique features at Potbelly’s.

“The garden is breath-taking, you just don’t see décor like that at any other regular club, everyone in Tally has to take a picture in front of the garden,” Urdaneta said.

Everyone loves a popular hangout spot, but the “hole in the wall” places can also bring new ventures. TomaHawks 51 is the first axe and knife throwing venue with rage rooms in Tallahassee. Making its grand opening in 2019, this amenity serves as a way to release tension and anxiety with adrenaline rushing activities. Along with axe and knife throwing, this establishment provides rage rooms for participants to smash any available object such as glass, a guitar, or walls.

Deonate Brown, an employee at TomaHawks 51, says this can be a great stress reliever for many and the only thing guests need is a great aim.

“After a tough week of college classes this is the place to let go of negative emotions, throw things, and yell,” Brown said.

Choosing between staying indoors or finding a fun diversion is not such a difficult task in this college town. No matter the institution or occupation, this city has something for everyone to enjoy.