FAMU is going ‘beyond great heights’ with TedX

Students, staff & alumni have the opportunity to go beyond great heights through the art of storytelling. Photo courtesy: tedxfamu

For the first time, in January 2023, Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) scholars, staff and alumni will have the opportunity to take the big stage as speakers on a world-renowned platform.

Devoted to the ideology of “ideas worth spreading,” TED, is an annual event that brings together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any discipline — technology, entertainment, design, science, humanities, business or development. The speeches, known as TED Talks, are then made available for the world to view.

TEDx, a subsidiary of TED, is a program produced to give smaller organizations the platform to create a TED-like experience for local audiences. This reputable platform is being brought to FAMU for the first time for participants to educate and entertain the school community through impactful and expressive speeches.

“Beyond Great Heights,” is the theme of this year’s TEDXFAMU event, speaker topics will be dedicated to uplifting the minds of students and alumni of FAMU.

Event organizer Nyla Sams, a third-year Business Administration scholar, initiated the TEDx event on FAMU’s campus in hopes to provide a life-changing experience for all students.

“We’re bringing TEDxFAMU to campus to shine light on the brilliant minds FAMU produces,” Sams said. “It’s important to bring something that redirects us back to our purpose: cultivate young black minds. I hope that this event provides students, faculty & staff, and alumni professional and personal development, and invites positive images to the school.”

Sams is no stranger to the ted spotlight. Sams participated as a TEDx speaker in the fall of 2019.

After Nyla’s speech, a Black woman approached her to tell her that she would play her speech for the black girls in her kindergarten class. Nyla stated that at that moment, she truly understood what TEDx is all about.

Having a TEDx Talk is an amazing professional opportunity. It makes an applicant stand out when put on a resume, is an amazing talking point and opens doors for other speaking opportunities. Perhaps, the greatest benefit is having your idea heard by thousands.

If interested in being a speaker, visit the www.tedxfamu.com website and click on the “apply to be a speaker” tab by September 11, 2022, to be considered. Elevate the minds of others beyond great heights through your stories and be on the lookout, SOMETHINGxCiting is coming to FAMU.