Royal Court eager for a fresh start

FAMU Royal Court outside of Hard Rock Stadium during OBC. Photo courtesy: Armani Jones

Following the last academic school year and the controversy surrounding Florida A&M’s Royal Court and its short-lived reign, many are wondering how the current court will continue this rich FAMU legacy.

Since last spring, a new court has emerged on the hill with fresh faces, new leadership and a re-brand of FAMU royalty.

Despite the negativity surrounding the previous court, many are ready to move on and are eagerly anticipating greatness from the 2022-2023 elected officials.

Former 2021-2022 Miss Sophomore, Kendall Johnson has high expectations and is looking forward to seeing how these new student leaders will serve the university.

“I am excited about this new court. They really look good,” Johnson said. “So far they seem eager to work hard and represent this university well, and that is exciting to see.”

Johnson did not take her platform lightly and served with honor knowing she had the privilege of representing the college of love and charity in a positive light despite the negativity that may have surrounded it. She hopes that the new Royal Court will serve in the same positive manner. She encourages them not to take these times for granted.

“I hope that they cherish every moment of this experience because they never know when things can be taken away,” Johnson said. “Every opportunity they have to represent the university, I want them to live it to the fullest.”

Johnson is not the only student who is excited for a fresh reign on the hill. The 114th Miss FAMU, Erika Johnson, is delighted to see emerging leaders and their impact.

“It always brings me joy to see the next generation of leaders stepping up to the plate,” she said. “This new court has the potential of fulfilling a traditional role if they take their influence seriously.”

With past reputations to sift through, the 23rd Mr. FAMU for the current academic year, Armani Jones, is committed to creating his own legacy and the re-focus of a FAMU tradition.

“I have to constantly ask myself what legacy I want to leave,” Jones said. “It is more about my own personal morals and standards that will help me throughout my reign, and best serve the university.

“More so, my job this year is to make sure FAMU is in great hands, and I feel as though me and Aliya have done a great job thus far in holding ourselves to the high standards we were trusted with and bringing back the regality of the Royal Court,” he added.

Jones aspires to serve with a transparent spirit and to be a personable king.

“I want the student body to know they can reach out to me without presenting their best selves,” Jones said. “I have, and still consider myself in their same shoes. Vulnerability and transparency are two things I truly want to take away from this experience.”

You can follow the court on Instagram @famu.royalcourt.