Some students prefer new ‘Rattler Pack’

Official Rattler Pack Logo, courtesy of FAMUINFO

Florida A&M University’s Bookstore is now offering discounted course materials such as textbooks and access codes.

The “Rattler Pack” is a new option available to all FAMU students enrolled in courses for the fall 2022 semester. This package allows for a more efficient and cost-effective way to receive course materials.

By choosing to opt in to the Rattler Pack, students receive all their course materials for only $24 per credit hour. This can be an attractive option for students who require a textbook for most of their classes.

Emmanuel Charles, a FAMU Bookstore employee, had high praise for this new option. “The Rattler Pack gives you a very easy way to get all the things that you need,” Charles said. “Before this semester students getting their books felt like a madhouse, a lot of students were confused.”

With the Rattler Pack, you know for certain that you will be receiving the correct materials because FAMU professors already uploaded the book required for their course onto the Rattler Pack website.

Students overall seem to be happy with this new option, and have said they feel like it is affordable. Danyah Reed, a second-year social work major, said she appreciates the new system. “I am taking 15 credit hours this semester and needed books for most of my classes,” Reed said. “For me, coming out of pocket would have been more expensive.”

Not only is the Rattler Pack cost-effective but it is also very simple to use. All students enrolled in courses for the fall 2022 semester received an email with detailed steps for accessing their Rattler Pack. The only thing required of students was to visit the Rattler Pack website. Once on the website, students are instructed to confirm that they are receiving the correct textbooks for their courses and then choose between a pickup or delivery option. The Rattler Pack can include not only textbooks but access codes as well if required for your course. Malik Williams, a fourth-year public relations student, was surprised at how much money he saved with the Rattler Pack option.

“I needed four access codes this semester, I ended up saving close to $100.”

It is worth noting that students who choose to opt in to the Rattler pack will be charged $24 per credit hour regardless of how many textbooks they need. For example, a full-time student with 12 credit hours is going to be charged $288 for their Rattler Pack no matter how many books they need. With this being said, the Rattler Pack is more practical for students who need textbooks in a majority of their classes.

Students have until Friday, Sept. 2, to opt out of the Rattler Pack before it is permanently charged to their student account.