Polkinghorne Village West residents forced to relocate to local hotels

Housing crisis for FAMU Polkinghorne Village West. Photo courtesy: famu.edu

Florida A&M University (FAMU) students residing in Polkinghorne Village West, have been transitioned to off campus hotels due to a fire in a dorm room and flooding on four floors.

The flooding that started from the fourth floor and trickled down to lower levels was caused by a student leaving an incense stick in the trash. Since the incense was not put out fully, the smoke eventually set off the sprinklers. As a result, those who stayed on the damaged floors had to evacuate.

Many of the students affected were not happy with having to relocate after moving in less than two weeks prior.

Taylor Mackenzie, a student impacted by the flooding, feels as though everything happened too quickly.

“This whole situation was ridiculous, I was not prepared for this at all,” Mackenzie said. “Getting notified to move out a day before having to leave, had me and my parents very stressed because I do not have a car, nor a week’s worth of food.”

A major concern for student’s surrounded transportation and not having excused notices issued to the professors for this inconvenience.

There were also complaints about the possibility of food being spoiled while students were away from their living spaces. In response, the university housing suggested that students take photos in case a claims form needs to be submitted as a result of loss or damage to their property.

During the zoom call that was scheduled for FAMU students and parents the evening prior to moving out, one parent expressed how safety was a huge concern for her.

Brittany Jones, a freshman student new on the hill gives her outlook on the situation that occurred.

“I honestly don’t know the Tallahassee area and me having to be displaced to a hotel, had me kind of nervous because all of this is new to me,” Jones said. “I just wished things didn’t have to be like this,”

Currently, repairs to the residence halls are in process to ensure the building is up to code.

Students are expected to return back to campus by Saturday, Sept. 3.