Parking woes continue at FAMU

FAMU parking garage filled from top to bottom. Photo courtesy: Kaila Priester

Undoubtedly, one of the most common and frustrating issues on university campuses
around the country is a shortage of parking.

The dilemma at Florida A&M parking services has not gone ignored. The quantity of
suitable parking spots has not been able to keep up with the increase in the university’s

Due to the surge of first-year students in the 2022-2023 academic year, specific parking
infrastructures, such as the gravel parking lot (placed near BL Perry) and the parking
garage, require students to spend 10-20 minutes looking for parking, often causing
them to be late for class.

Dontae Bush, a fourth-year business administration major, is highly frustrated by the
lack of available parking this semester.

“The parking is terrible,” Bush said. “It often makes me late for class. There is no reason
that I should have to park by Towers to go to SBI.”

Over the last academic year, FAMU demolished the Paddyfoote complex. Many
students believed the vacant space would be converted into a parking lot. However, the
lot was converted into a “green space,” leaving many students confused.

Even though there are few student parking accommodations on campus, parking
services issues citations for parking in prohibited zones, and vehicles are also subject to
immediate tow/immobilization.

Rod Tape, a fourth-year business administration major, shared his frustration with
obtaining parking penalties from university parking services.

“Parking services shows no sympathy,” Tape said. “Even though we have no parking,
we get ticketed for parking in undesignated areas — which is contradicting overall.”

Alicia Goode, a fourth-year criminal justice major, also shared some concerns regarding

“We should not have to pay tickets for parking on campus,” said Goode. “We already
pay tuition along with several other fees, so getting ticketed for parking in certain areas
on campus seems excessive. Especially when no changes are being made with the
student parking situation.”

Although most have not experienced financial difficulties due to paying their fines, many
say the university should address this ongoing issue.

There are a couple of ways to prevent issues with parking on campus. Carpooling with a
friend is one alternative.

Venom Express bus shuttles are provided for students to use if a student is currently
residing on campus. There are Venom Shuttle schedules located on the
website. The Venom Express can also be tracked on the FAMU mobile app.